Pyridine ketone derivative: Disazo derivates
Physical Chemical Properties: Appearance: Brownness Powder
Indissolubleness: ≤ 1%
Moisture: ≤ 5%
Ion: Anion
Light Fastness: 1-2 Xenotes

Performance Features: 1. It has particularly good light fastness and heat tolerance.
2. It has good dye intensity.
3. It has excellent color fastness to bleeding of water, acetic acid, sodium carbonate and ethyl alcohol.
4. It is environmental friendly.
Scope of Application: 1. It is applicable to the pulp lined cardboard.
2. Paper sized with rosin or synthetic sizing agent.
3. Dye of tissue paper.

Application Methods: 1. It can be directly used or be used after optional dilution with water.
2. It may also be added into the pulp well in intervals, but should be added before sizing.
3. When it is used with red and blue/black dyes, we can get all kinds of hues required by kraft cardboard paper.
Packing Storage: According to clients' requirement, we will offer different packing of 25kg, 50kg, 230kg or 1100kg. The product should be stored at the shady, cool, dry and ventilated places, .
Attentions: 1. The product data is for reference only. If you have any technical or usage problems, please call us.
2. The oral or written technical suggestions offered by our company are all sincere. But the consumers have the responsibility to experiment with our products to judge whether they are suitable for the present process. As the process for using the products is beyond our control, the consumers will take the consequences.

Maijin Commercial Aluminum Oxide Coating SPC Flooring also known as "king kong flooring", using electric steel wire wheels grinding for 15 seconds, can keep the flooringcoating intact. (Other types of flooring hold for less than 5 seconds)
Maijin commercial Aluminum Oxide Coating SPC Flooring is suitable for large-scale shopping malls, high-end clubs, kindergartens, gymnasiums, dance practice room and other places.

Commercial Aluminum Oxide Coating SPC Flooring

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