More than a month ago, Mr. Liu, a citizen of Changchun, found a job as a stevedore, and he did not want to have accidents in just two days. His hands were burned by unknown liquids, of which four fingers were heavier.

"When something went wrong, I only knew that hydrofluoric acid was being transferred. It was a toxic and dangerous chemical. Now, half a month after leaving the hospital, my injured fingers could not bend," he said.

The loader is burned by dangerous chemicals

Mr. Liu is 47 years old this year. On November 21 last year, he went to a logistics company on Yatai North Street in Changchun City as a loading and unloading worker, earning 2,500 yuan per month.

At 13:00 the next day, a large trailer transported a lot of cargo. He and a worker were carrying it in the car. A driver drove a forklift under the car. Many goods are also very complex, there are plastic woven bags, wooden boxes, plastic buckets and so on. While handling the plastic bucket, he felt some wet gloves and began to think that there was water near the handle above the plastic bucket. However, he smelled and found a sour taste.

He asked the workers: “There is no word on the barrel. What's the smell inside? How do you have a sour taste?” The worker said nothing and he had unloaded before. So he continued to carry.

"At 16 o'clock on the same day, I felt a pain in my fingers and a worker's pain. I washed it with cold water, and it didn't work." Mr. Liu said that at 20 o'clock that day, he was sent to the Changchun Burn Hospital for an examination, but what was the liquid? Didn't figure it out.

On January 9th, he said that people at the time were only aware of the chemicals, but they did not know exactly what they were. Then they asked the head office in Shandong to know that it was hydrofluoric acid. Since then, he has been hospitalized for one month, operated twice, spent more than 10,000 yuan on medical expenses, and the money was paid by logistics companies.

Negotiated compensation did not reach agreement

After leaving the hospital, Mr. Liu found a logistics company and negotiated issues such as compensation, but failed to reach an agreement. “This is a branch company. No matter if you are in a position to find the head office in Shandong, but the head office can only compensate for 5,000 yuan plus one month's salary.” He said that his injured fingers could not be bent properly and he needs to continue to observe the treatment. . This injury is going to recover well for a year. It also conducted a judicial appraisal.

On the 9th, the reporter came to this office named Zibo Hongliang Logistics Changchun Branch. Ms. Sun is not in charge, the reporter contacted her. She said that she is also a migrant worker and this matter was handled by the head office of Shandong Zibo.

After the reporter dialed the phone number of the head office, the man on the telephone answered the call and was not interviewed. As the two sides did not reach an agreement on the issue of compensation, the Liu family has now found a lawyer and is preparing to prosecute the logistics company.

Dangerous chemicals cannot be transported at will

On the 9th, Changchun City, Kuancheng District Safety Supervision Bureau staff said that logistics companies must have qualified transport hazardous chemicals, but also have special vehicles, professionals and so on.

According to the "Regulations on the Administration of Hazardous Chemicals Safety", in the transportation of hazardous chemicals, a transport license for dangerous goods shall be obtained in accordance with the relevant transport regulations, and registration procedures shall be completed with the industrial and commercial departments.

Transportation enterprises shall be equipped with full-time safety management personnel, and drivers, loading and unloading personnel, and escort personnel of hazardous chemical transport enterprises must obtain professional qualifications. Hazardous chemical transport vehicles shall meet the safety and technical conditions required by the national standards, and carry out regular safety technical inspections in accordance with relevant state regulations. Transport vehicles shall hang or spray warning signs that meet the requirements of the national standards, and shall not obtain dangerous cargo transport permits according to law to engage in hazardous chemicals. Transportation of goods shall be punished in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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Hydrofluoric acid

The reporter asked the website of the State Administration of Work Safety to learn that: hydrofluoric acid alias hydrogen fluoride solution, acid corrosion products, dangerous goods number 81016, is the focus of supervision of hazardous chemicals.

Hydrofluoric acid is a colorless, transparent and pungent smoky liquid, and pure hydrogen fluoride is sometimes referred to as anhydrous hydrofluoric acid. It is extremely corrosive and strongly corrodes metals, glass and silicon-containing objects. Very toxic, such as inhalation of vapors or contact with the skin can cause difficult-to-heal burns.

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