Daily maintenance and maintenance of gas pressure regulator gas pressure gauge cabinets Daily maintenance and maintenance of gas pressure gauge cabinets:

1. The daily maintenance personnel of the pressure regulating metering station must be familiar with and comply with the safety technical rules and regulations and procedures of the operation, maintenance and management of the pressure regulating metering station.
2, maintenance personnel must master the working principle, characteristics and maintenance methods of the regulator.
3. According to the cleanliness of the gas temperament, arrange the maintenance period. If the filter pressure drop is greater than the allowable value or the filter pressure is equal to or less than the minimum pressure of the regulator, the filter filter must be cleaned or replaced in time to ensure the regulator. Can be normal.
4. Periodically check the working condition of the pressure regulating metering station and deal with the voltage regulator fault in time. Arrange the maintenance cycle according to the degree of purification of the gas temperament, and regularly check the filter to clean up the dirt.
5. The pressure regulator should be installed in the pressure regulating and metering station away from the fire source, and should not be installed in the open air.

Differential pressure gauge prompt:

There are three colors on the dial to indicate the cleanliness of the filter element. The green color is clean, the yellow color can be replaced or the filter element is cleaned. If the red color is too dirty, the filter element must be replaced.

(Source: Hebei Zhenxing Gas Pressure Regulator Co., Ltd. gas pressure regulator)
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