Core Tip: Wheat larvae have become a major pest that combines fulminant, frequent, and epidemic. It is a worldwide pest and is widely distributed in major wheat-growing countries in Asia, Europe and America. Domestic wheat larvae are also widely distributed in the main wheat producing areas of the country. There are two main types of wheat larvae in China, namely, red larvae and yellow larvae. Wheat red-sucking worms mainly occur on the banks of the river in the plains, while the yellow-sucking worms mainly occur in plateaus and high mountains. Although it encountered the natural environment of blizzard low temperature last year, it has little effect on the survival of the larvae.

First, the characteristics of occurrence

Wheat long-term survival has formed a close symbiotic relationship with wheat growth and development in the long-term survival of nature. Its growth, development, phlegm, emergence, spawning, hatching and other growth stages are always consistent with the growth and development of wheat. That is, the larvae of the larvae are unearthed at the booting stage of wheat, and the larvae hatch in the early stage of wheat filling. In other words, as long as wheat can survive the growth of the larvae. The area and scope of occurrence are large, and it is basically spread throughout the country's winter wheat producing areas. If the prevention and control is not effective, it will cause serious production reduction or even production, and it must not be taken lightly. Its hazard characteristics are:

1. Individual small: 30 wheat larvae can be contained in one wheat grain.

2, strong concealment: only 1 week in 1 year in the soil surface can be seen visually, the rest of the time in the soil and wheat grain hidden inside, intuitively difficult to find.

3, devastating: If one wheat grain is drilled into 3 wheat larvae, the granules are sucked dry. In other words, if one wheat worm enters the granules, one third of the syrup is sucked. Drop it.

4, refractory prominent: wheat larvae can survive in the soil for 6 to 12 years, and there is always a group of larvae in the soil can not exist in the soil to prevent its population reproduction.

5, the key period of prevention and control is short: 1 week in the flood season and 3 days in the adult period. These two links are also the weakest link in the survival of the larvae. Once the prevention and treatment is not timely, it often results in reduced production or severely reduced production.

Second, seize the moderate and effective prevention

In view of the above characteristics of wheat sucking worms, it is recommended that all localities should deploy early and mobilize early, effectively overcome the paralyzed thoughts, and highlight the strategy of “double paying attention to prevention and control during flood season and adult period”, and do the following two prevention and control links:

1. Paying attention to the prevention and control of the poisonous soil during the sucking

When the larvae of wheat sucking larvae are all on the surface of the soil, it is the best time to eliminate the larvae on the soil surface. Because the wheat seedlings are generally weak this year, the development progress will be delayed, and the growth period of the larvae will also follow. With the delay of wheat, all localities should strengthen cooperation with local news media on the basis of accurate forecasting, do a good job in prevention and control technology publicity lectures, and guide farmers to do a good job in prevention and control of key periods.

At present, the lack of pesticides used to control the sputum worms, especially the peasants, has made it difficult for the majority of farmers to choose, which has aggravated the phenomenon of drug abuse and drug abuse. Summarize the prevention and control experience in recent years, and use the “2.5% methyl iso-phosphorus granules produced by Hubei Tianmen Yipula Agrochemical Company” for 1.5 kg, or the Huayang brand produced by Shandong Huayang Pesticide Company. 5% chlorpyrifos granules "600 ~ 900 grams, prepared poisonous (sand) soil 25 ~ 30 kg, evenly spread on the wheat field surface. The above two kinds of granules are processed into powders according to the production requirements, and are used for the control of the sputum worms. When toxic soil is applied, do not use dew water to spread, avoid sticking to the wheat leaves and causing phytotoxicity and affecting the efficacy of the drug. The poisonous soil sprinkled on the wheat leaves should be bounced on the ground with a broom and other utensils to fully exert its effects. Disable high-toxic, highly toxic pesticides. It is necessary to unify the organization, unify the command, and uniformly supply medicines, mobilize the peasants to unify the time, unify the prevention and control, or separate the time to prevent and control, and effectively carry out the work of unified defense and specialization. At the same time, we must do a good job in pesticide counterfeiting.

Second, to control the adult stage

From the end of April to the beginning of May, the adults began to emerge from the heading of the wheat to the beginning of the flowering of the flower and flew to the wheat ears to lay eggs. At this time, spraying is a critical period before the adults are eliminated. 5% beta-cypermethrin 1500 times solution or 40% dimethoate 1000 times solution, or tying (imidacloprid + dichlorvos + beta-cypermethrin), or imidacloprid (acetamid) and dichlorvos (beta-cypermethrin, dimethoate) and other reasonable mix 1000 Double liquid spray, while treating the wheat bran. Emphasis is placed on the uniformity of spraying, and the goal of effectively controlling the number of adult populations and the number of eggs laid is not only important for controlling the hazards of the current year, but also important for controlling the number of insects in the leap year.

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