In our home renovation, we must know the relevant knowledge in advance for the installation of various pipelines. Although our pipelines are all below the sub-district, we still need to pay attention to the installation, and the UI and decoration are very popular. The warmth of the front floor is not so understanding. The following is a small series of decoration home network to introduce to you, before the renovation, the floor heating needs to be suppressed? What are the methods of warming before the renovation?


First, the warmth before the renovation needs to be suppressed?

1. All pressure pipes must be pressure tested before installation or acceptance. According to the pipeline use and working environment, water or air can be used as the test medium. The water pressure test involved in the "floor heating regulations" draws on the relevant provisions of the "Code for Acceptance of Construction Water Supply and Drainage and Heating Engineering Construction" GB50242-2002 (referred to as "Acceptance Specifications").

2. The provisions on the hydrostatic test in the "floor heating regulations" and "acceptance specifications" are diametrically opposed: the "floor heating regulations" require that the water pressure test be carried out after the pipeline is flushed; and the "acceptance specification" requires the water pressure test to be Perform before piping flushing.

3. The water pressure test in the “floor heating regulation” is to verify the presence or absence of leakage at the junction of the heating pipe, the water collector, the heating pipe and the water separator, thereby judging the construction quality of the floor heating project.

4. The relevant air pressure test floor heating system does not belong to the category of "steel pressure vessel". The working pressure is generally less than 0.8 MPa. The heating pipes are mostly plastic pipes or composite pipes. At present, there is a lack of pressure data and test methods for the ground pipe pressure test.


Second, before the renovation of the floor heating method

1. Slowly inject water through the water separator and discharge the air inside the pipeline. After filling with water, check the watertightness. Slowly boost with a manual pump. After boosting to the specified test force, stop the pressure and stabilize the pressure for 1 hour to observe whether there is water leakage. After 1h of voltage regulation, the pressure is applied to the specified test design pressure value, and the pressure drop within 15min does not exceed 0.05Mpa. The floor heating system has not been commissioned and is strictly prohibited for operation.

2, the general pipe length, according to the actual situation, but the length can not be longer than 500m; at both ends of the pipe (which has been welded with PE flange) equipped with a closed flange plate, which uses a silica gel plate for sealing. Need to be bolted and equipped with a ball valve. Then one end is the water inlet and one end is the water outlet (also venting hole), then at the inlet end, a pressure gauge should be installed.

3. Through the pressure machine, slowly inject water into the pipeline under no pressure. When filling the water, be careful to open the venting hole; until the pipe is filled with water, close the venting hole. We can gradually increase the pipeline pressure (observable pressure gauge), increase to the test pressure and stabilize for 30min, during which the pressure can be injected to fill the pressure. However, it must not be higher than the test pressure.

When decorating a house, we all need to first carry out knowledge about the decoration. So, before the renovation, it is necessary to suppress the pressure and the method of suppression. People are more concerned about it, but everyone knows through the introduction of Xiaobian, then if everyone Also want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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