Early spring orchard management is a crucial period for determining the high yield and stable yield of fruit trees, the severity of pests and diseases, and the quality and low income. The spring clearing garden is the foundation of the annual orchard management, combined with the comprehensive management of the soil, fertilizer, water, pests and diseases of the fruit trees to ensure the yield and quality.

The Qingyuan has two main times in a year, one is autumn and early winter, and the other is spring.

Many people think that the winter has been cleared, and after a cold winter, the germs have been killed, and it doesn't matter if the spring clears the garden.

This is actually a wrong concept.

When the temperature rises to about 16 degrees in early spring, the insects will be unearthed and there are many germs that are hidden in the branches or soil for wintering. They can not completely freeze them in winter, and they will re-infect the plants after the spring temperature rises.

Therefore, the spring garden is very important. Even if it is carried out in the early winter, it is necessary to continue the garden in the spring.

The time of the Spring Festival Qingyuan is generally concentrated in the middle of March and the end of March.

Taiwan Yidi is committed to ecological agriculture for 40 years, summarizing the following key points of the comprehensive management measures for early spring orchards, and hopes to give fruit farmers a certain help.

One scrapes off the old skin

The rough and skin of the fruit trees are the places where pests and germs overwinter, and they are scraped off and burned intensively, which can effectively eliminate the overwintering bacteria, pests and eggs in the bark. Before and after the convulsions, the old skin and the skin on the trunk of the fruiting period are scraped off with a knife. The depth is preferably reddish: after scraping, the bark, debris, and pests are burned or buried deeply. It can effectively reduce wintering pests such as red spider, scale insect and cockroach in cracks, and overwintering bacteria such as anthracnose, brown rot, ring rot, and rot.

Two early spring

In the early spring, the temperature rose steadily, and the leaf buds and flower buds were clearly identified when they were clearly cut, and the flower buds ended before the expansion period. Generally, according to the ratio of flower bud and leaf bud ratio of 1:3 to 1:2, the flower bud retention is controlled, and strong trees or branches should be kept. Weak trees or branches should be kept less. In order to prevent the low temperature, strong wind, night frost and cold spring damage that may occur in the flowering period of fruit trees, it is necessary to leave more flower buds and wait until the fruit is fruited. After the tree is germinated, the buds and tips are smeared in time. According to the plastic surgery, the buds and tips with poor growth angle are erased. Remove clusters, overly branches, long branches, etc.

Three spring gardens

Fruit trees before germination, can effectively eliminate a variety of winter insects, eggs and pathogens, reduce the source of pests and diseases, and reduce the wintering base of pests and diseases. After the convulsions, combined with the early spring re-cutting, the grasses of the roots of the trunk are removed from the wintering pests, the wintering pests on the branches are removed, and the diseased bodies such as litter, weeds and fruit falling in the orchard are cleaned and concentrated or buried.

Four soil management

After the soil is thawed. Shallow turn over the tree tray 10 ~ 20cm, deep turn between 30 ~ 70 cm, in addition to ripening loose soil, improve soil physical and chemical properties, improve soil moisture retention, but also can hide in the soil under the canopy, the winter seam in the soil Underground pests such as cockroaches, chafers, golden worms, and ground tigers are turned out of the ground to die, frozen or eaten by birds. They have a greater effect on reducing the source of pests and diseases.

Five germination fertilizer

Early spring fruit germination, flowering, and new shoot growth require a large amount of nutrient supply. In order to ensure the germination of new shoots and the growth of new shoots, germination should be applied. In the early spring, the topdressing is not timely, which will lead to poor growth of branches, serious falling flowers and fruit, affecting fruit yield and quality. On the basis of the application of the base fertilizer in the autumn of the previous year, bio-organic fertilizer and foliar nutrition can be applied according to the fertilizer characteristics of the fruit tree growing season, supplementing the large amount of nutrients consumed by the germination, flowering, fruit setting and new shoot formation of the tree.

The amount of top dressing varies with soil, tree potential, age, and yield. Before the flowering of apples, pears, peaches and grapes, persimmon trees and walnuts should be topdressed in time.

Six trunks painted white

In the early spring, combined with scraping the skin to whiten the trunk, it can prevent night frost, cold and cold damage, and reduce sunburn and pests. The commonly used whitening agent formula is: 10 parts of quicklime, 5 parts of stone sulphur solution, 2 parts of clay, 1 part of salt, 40 parts of water.

Seven Whole Garden Spray

Early spring is a critical period for the prevention and control of fruit trees and pests, with emphasis on eradicating wintering pests and controlling stem diseases. Before the germination, the tree body, especially the trunk, can be used to kill insects, eggs and germs, effectively control the pests and diseases that are unearthed in winter, and reduce the damage degree of pests and diseases in the orchard. Spring temperature fluctuates greatly, and it is hot and cold. The time of emergence of pests and pathogens often tends to be long, which requires a long-lasting effect of the clearing potion. If the agent can quickly pass through the protective layer, it will lurk in the bark, diseased branches, and disease. The pests or pathogens in the buds will also be better.

Qingyuan Pharmacy not only has a long-lasting effect, but also has a strong permeability.

Eight watering spring water promotes sprouting

Before and after fruit tree flowering, the water demand is large. From mid-late March to mid-April, the germination water is poured in combination with top dressing. The use of Gendex irrigation before germination is beneficial to breaking root dormancy, promoting effective root growth, promoting root activity, promoting flower bud differentiation, germination neat, strong new shoot growth, and strong fruit and fruit; watering after Xiehua can alleviate shoot growth and Young fruit competes for moisture and avoids a lot of fruit drop. After water seepage, the mulch can be used to cover the sapling tree trays on both sides of the tree, which can enhance the ground temperature, protect the locusts, and promote the coordinated growth of the fruit trees on the ground.

Nine prevention of freezing damage

During the flowering period and young fruit period of the fruit tree, pay attention to prevent night frost and cold spring damage. Common precautions for early spring frost damage are:

1 irrigation method. Before the frost damage, irrigation, sprinkler irrigation or artificial rainfall can increase the ground temperature and tree temperature; according to the characteristics of the growth period of the fruit tree, start in early March, timely watering the orchard, fill the water with water, delay flowering for 7-8 days, avoid In March, the night frost and the cold spring frost damage, so as to prevent the flower buds from freezing. In the flowering period, frost can be sprayed with 7% to 10% lime water.

2 cover method. According to the weather forecast, the trees, such as cherries, apricots and grapes, are covered with soil, straw curtains, plastic sheets, etc. the day before the frost appears.

3 heating method. When the temperature drops below 1 °C and there is severe frost damage, use the heater, blower and other methods to circulate the air in the garden to prevent or reduce the night frost and cold freezing.

4 comprehensive cultivation management. Strengthen comprehensive cultivation management, enhance tree potential, and improve the ability of fruit trees to resist frost. Adhere to the principle of “pre-promotion and post-control”, control the watering, reduce the application of nitrogen fertilizer, and apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer in the later stage of growth to ensure the robust branches of the tree and improve the anti-freezing ability. Once the tree is damaged by freezing. Some fruit trees can use the results of the flower buds.

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