Modern people have a variety of requirements on their homes. They use customized wardrobes. Some people like to use large-core plates, while others prefer to use multi-layer solid wood plates. And that in the end Daixinban Plywood which is better? Here we have to talk about these two plates.

1, Daxin board and multi-layer solid wood board which is good

Before we understand which of the big core board and the multi-layer solid wood board is good , let's understand the specific meaning of the two boards.

Multi-layer solid wood board: It is made of three or more layers of veneer or thin board made of high-temperature and high-pressure wood glue, made of multi-layer plywood arranged in a criss-cross pattern as the substrate, and the surface is made of high-quality wood veneer or technical wood. The fabric has the characteristics of no deformation, high strength, good flatness, and good internality.

Daxinban: Also known as the blockboard, it is made up of two veneers that are glued and spliced ​​together. The middle plank is a wooden strip processed by the wooden plank into a certain size, and is formed by a splicing machine. The two sides of the spliced ​​wood board are covered with two layers of veneers, and are completed by cold and hot presses. The large core board is dimensionally stable, not easily deformed, and has high lateral strength.

2, from three aspects to compare the big core board and multi-layer solid wood board which is good

a. Environmental protection

Multi-layer solid wood panels: Although its environmental protection and solid wood panels can not be compared, but its high temperature and pressure, PVC edge sealing, so that the release of formaldehyde to meet the national standards, most can reach E1 level.

Daxinban: After testing by the country, the environmental protection coefficient is strong. When we are shopping, we must not choose the E1 level because of the price reduction. Otherwise, the emission of formaldehyde will be very high.

b. Practicality

Multi-layer solid wood panels: pressed with multi-layer veneers, so the structural stability is very good, and not easily deformed, but also has good water resistance.

Daxinban: A good Daxinban surface is smooth and smooth, not easy to warp and deformation, with high strength, low moisture content, but more afraid of moisture, so the kitchen and bathroom is not recommended.

c, price

The strength of multi-layer solid wood panels is mainly related to the base layer of the panels. With each additional layer, its strength will be correspondingly enhanced, and the price will also increase. The large core board is more expensive than the particle board and the lateral bending strength is also much higher. The same brand, the same thickness of the big core board and multi-layer wood panel prices are relatively low.

Xiao Bian Conclusion: The above is for Daixinban and Plywood which is good all introduced. To sum up, it is suggested that if the budget is relatively abundant, you can choose a multi-layer solid wood board; if the budget is slightly lower, you can choose a big core board, and the pressure resistance is much stronger, but no matter which one you choose, you must choose good quality and environmental protection. E1 level reached.

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