When tiles are tiled, they will leave some gaps on them. This is to leave some space for them to shrink. If they are not caulked, then the overall effect will be affected. At this time, people start to use the grout. Come to beautify it. The following Xiao Bian will give you an introduction about the quality of the crystal color beauty grout and how to match the color of the tile.

How is the quality of crystal color sizing agent

Crystal color sizing agent is generally very good, this product to help you completely solve the white cement and sealant to your troubles, this product makes your tile seams shine like porcelain, never appear dirty again Black phenomenon. " Crystal color US grout" solidified in the tile seam gives people a smooth surface such as porcelain clean surface, the most important of this product it is still a good product of wear, waterproof, oil, non-soil, At the same time, it is not easy to collect filth. It is also easier to clean it. As long as you wipe it, it will be clean. Its hardness, bonding strength, and service life are better than other caulking agents, so this product is said to be It is not only suitable for the use of newly installed ceramic tile seams, but also for the same use of multi-year ceramic tiles.

Tiles with beautiful color so collocation

1. Porcelain white: If it is porcelain white, this color is compatible with a variety of different color tiles. Here, it is recommended to match with light tiles. This will be more beautiful, especially suitable for those who like elegant and comfortable. Environmental home use.

2, 镏 gold: This color will be darker yellow than the gold of the common caulking agent, it will be more difficult to match, but used in the pastoral mix or similar pastoral and European style, use antique tiles or marble decals, this product are It is possible to use a gold-colored grout to match, which will enhance the overall effect.

3, ivory gold: This kind of color belongs to what kind of warm ivory gold, gives a person a feeling of warmth. This can be matched with porcelain white floor tiles, washbasins, bathtubs, this combination can bring out a warm and elegant high-end feeling, while also highlighting the interior clean and fresh, low-key but without losing the content.

4, brown: This color is elegant, simple, dignified yet elegant, but it also belongs to a more subtle colors. The most important thing is that this color is still a fashion color that will never be out of date. The most important thing is that this color is easier to clean.

5, gray: This color it's strong cover, give people looks is a generous noble, stable deep, can make up for lack of color is also relatively bright, while there is a kind of texture to people, noble and elegant atmosphere.

Summarize: How about the quality of the crystal color and the color of the seam and the beauty of the seam. So related to this, on the whole, the crystal color is a very good product, and it also meets the needs of consumers nowadays. Increasing its aesthetics and color matching is also very important. We hope that the above introduction will help you.


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