Smart door lock mobile phone unlocking is convenient and fast, and it is also a major feature of smart door lock. However, there is still a lot of controversy about the way the mobile phone unlocks. Some users think that the security of the smart door lock mobile phone is insufficient, and the security of using the mobile phone to unlock is not enough. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the matter related to unlocking the smart door lock mobile phone, and see how the mobile phone unlocks.

Smart door lock mobile phone unlock

The advantage of unlocking the smart door lock mobile phone is obvious: the remote control can be directly unlocked, the mobile APP can record the door lock switch record, and the device will push the message to the owner when the switch is turned on, ensuring that the user knows when the door lock is opened and closed. The mobile phone controls the smart door lock through Bluetooth, which can be roughly divided into two steps: firstly, the installation of the APP, then the device is glued on the door bolt, which can just clamp the door bolt and turn the door through the physical mechanical principle. Bolt, to achieve the purpose of locking the door or opening the door. The essence is that the device is connected to the mobile phone, and the door latch is actually controlled in a simple manner, thus eliminating the steps of disassembling and changing the door lock.

There are also many questions about the unlocking of smart door locks, such as:

Whether the permission to grant a friend is immediacy. Whether the time and number of grants are specified. If you can always open the door, there are hidden dangers;

Whether the mobile phone is lost can still open the door. Even if the account number and password are changed, whether the record will be retained and generated at the same time;

What is the longest distance between the WiFi control accessory and the door lock;

What is the reaction time for the mobile phone to open the door? What is the distance? If the distance is too long, it will affect the safety;

The rapid rise of the smart home industry, the equipment commonly used in the home began to transform into intelligence, the intelligent door lock is a prominent representative, bid farewell to the traditional key to open the door, the mobile phone dominates!

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