[The boy was killed and the mechanical lock of theo was the culprit of the accident? In March of this year, an 11-year-old Shanghai boy collided with a bus during the use of shared bicycles and was completely involved in the death. A few days ago, the boy parents added the ofo provider to the defendant, claiming 8.78 million yuan, and asked ofo to immediately recover all mechanical code locks and replace them with safer locks. At present, the case has not yet been formally heard. The unfortunate death of fresh life is indeed a tragedy, but it is still inseparable from the basic laws and facts at the legal level: 1 According to the traffic police department, the boy is under 12 years of age and reverse riding, which should be the main cause of the accident. responsibility. The company of ato is the most secondary responsibility; 2 according to the judicial interpretation, the court will hardly support a huge compensation of 8.78 million, and “changing the lock” is more like a public interest litigation, and the probability of being rejected is very high. 3 mechanical code lock can not guarantee safety, is the culprit leading to the accident? 4 It is a mandatory requirement not to ride a bicycle under the age of 12, and it is applicable to the whole society. The absence of guardianship duties, including parents, cannot be ignored. (澎湃)

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