Stepless speed regulation barrel pump products are used sealed pump tube technology, without having to consider the liquid on the ring of erosion; segmented modular pump tube design technology, the pump is used, dismantling and maintenance becomes very simple, without assistance Tools to replace any part. The use of speed control motors makes the liquid transport flow rate controllable, requiring only one product to replace the traditional requirements for different power products. About stepless speed regulation barrel pump characteristics and selection instructions All electric motors, are built-in safety switch technology, effective against overload and excessive current, and damage to the motor; the use of low-voltage protection technology can effectively prevent the pump suddenly There was an accident when restarting after power failure. A wide range of materials such as pump tubing, polypropylene (PP), polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF), stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316L allow for the vast majority of low- to medium-viscosity, generally corrosive to highly corrosive liquids Transport, become easy and reliable, can meet the application of more than 80% of occasions. Products are widely used in the electronics industry, optoelectronics, semiconductor industry, wastewater treatment industry petrochemical industry, electroplating industry, chemical industry, food industry, biotechnology, beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, animal husbandry, cosmetics industry, construction industry, paper industry , Petrochemical industry, shipping industry, textile industry, paint industry, automobile industry and other industries. Model Maximum flow rate l / min Maximum lift meter Motor power W Speed ​​rpm Pipe diameter Export diameter Pipe material Temperature (℃) Applicable viscosity Shaft material Applicable gravity HD-E2-V + AL- □ 165 41mm 25 AL Aluminum Alloy 100 1000CPS SS304 <1.8 HD-E2-V + AL- □ HP 100 41mm 25 AL Aluminum 100 1200CPS SS304 <1.8 HD-E2-V + SS304- □ 165 42mm 25 Stainless Steel SS304 100 1000CPS SS316L <1.8 HD-E2-V + SS304- □ HP 100 42mm 25 Stainless Steel SS304 100 1200CPS SS316L <1.8 HD-E2-V + SS316L- □ 165 42mm 25 Stainless Steel SS316L 100 1000CPS SS316L <1.8 HD-E2-V + SS316L- □ HP 100 42mm 25 Stainless Steel SS316L 100 1200CPS SS316L <1.8 HD-E2-V + PPHT- □ 165 41mm 25 PP 80 1000CPS SS316L <1.8 HD-E2-V + PPHT- □ HP 100 41mm 25 PP 80 1200CPS Hastelloy <1.8 HD-E2-V + PVDF- □ 165 41mm 25 PVDF 100 1000CPS Hastelloy <1.8 HD-E2-V + PVDF- □ HP 100 41mm 25 PVDE 100 1200CPS Hastelloy <1.8 HD-E2-V + PTFE- □ 165 00 50mm 25 PTFE 130 1000CPS Hastelloy <1.8 HD-E2-V + PTFE- □ HP 100 50mm 25 PTFE 130 1200CPS Hastelloy <1.8 Note "□" is the length of the pump tube (700mm / 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm) for the user to choose. Promise speed electric pump the key components are imported parts; circuit breaker switch, deep groove ball bearings, skeleton oil seal, respectively, with Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan, the product effectively protect the high reliability and durability of our products. The company has a perfect test platform for all products can be performance testing, only through the performance testing of the pump and motor to the factory, 100% of products tested to meet your high-quality products, is the current alternative to imported barrels Ideal for pumps. We have a complete barrel pump technology research and development team, ready to provide you with product technology consulting and services, sincerely look forward to your cooperation! Asia Fluid Network () Editor: Huang Nengwen, QQ:

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