[Huicong Communication Network] About a month ago, the 11-year-old boy was riding a shared bicycle and collided with the car on the road. The boy was unfortunately caught in the bottom of the car and left the world. At that time, Xiao Wukong was puzzled by the various people who demanded sharing bicycle locks and joining the real-name system. Why did everyone not hear the saying that "the palliative is not a cure?" Children under the age of 12 should not ride on the road. Parents are not optimistic. If you don’t tell me, even if you don’t share a bicycle, the boy can borrow a friend’s car and ride his own car... In any case, the tragedy will still happen, only But I changed my car.

So in the past two days, when the news that the boy’s parents asked to share the bicycle for locks and compensated for 8.78 million, the small Wukong was even more surprised. The main responsibility is clearly that the supervision is not strict, and it also claims to the others 8.78 million? This is the same as the thief climbing the water pipe into someone else’s home. As a result, the water pipe broke the thief’s claim to the homeowner’s claim after falling down the building. No surprises, on the Goku question and answer, the 5000 answers under the relevant questions are all unacceptable voices:

A: @吴青缘 (Young author's masterpiece "single head")

The plaintiff's lawyer, Zhang Yulin, pointed out that the cause of the accident was that the victim was under 12 years of age, and the ofo small yellow car was negligent about the vehicles placed in the public open space. There was no warning on the bicycle vehicle that the victim could not ride; And the mechanical lock installed on the vehicle has major safety hazards.

To be honest, I think the two points of responsibility pointed out by this lawyer are untenable.

The real reason is not that the child is too bear.

And every bear child has a pair of bear parents behind him.

In this incident, the guardian who is the parent is absolutely derelict.

Individuals who have lost their jobs think that there are two main points:

First, only 11-year-old children play on the streets, and there is no adult care.

Second, parents did not extend the rules for children under the age of 12 to ride bicycles, nor did they educate children to use shared bicycles on the streets.

In fact, the state has introduced regulations, and bicycles are banned under the age of 12, which naturally includes shared bicycles.

The Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China stipulates that drivers driving bicycles and tricycles on roads must be at least 12 years of age.

The legal provisions in black and white are clearly written.

As a parent, there is no education, and the second is not taken care of, but it is hard to say that there is no age limit on the small yellow car -

Excuse me, this child can forcibly crack the password lock. Even if the notice on the small yellow body is not allowed to be used under the age of 12, do you think he will really care?

After all, isn’t the child too beary, and the parents have not fulfilled their responsibilities?

Therefore, the lawyer believes that "there is no warning that the victim is not allowed to ride on the bicycle." This caused the accident and the individual felt that there was a forcible collision with porcelain.

Also because there are more people who touch porcelain, it is no wonder that some goods will have some funny notices:

Sears hair dryer: "Do not use while sleeping."

Boots children's cough medicine (for children aged 2~4 years old): "Do not drive or operate the machine after taking it."

Nytol sleeping pills: "The symptoms after taking it -- may cause drowsiness."

It’s ridiculous to watch these notices. Once you touch the porcelain, these warnings may keep the merchants away from trouble.

So probably share the bicycle in the future and stick the logo:

Do not use under 12 years old.

Always hold the handrail when riding a bicycle.

Be sure to pedal with your feet.

After all, if someone accidentally causes a double-handed ride on a shared bicycle, and the court said that the shared bicycle does not indicate that "the bicycle must hold the handrail", the accident will occur, so the shared bicycle must bear the law. responsibility……

That sharing bike is not too embarrassing.

The lawyer’s responsibility to push the lock on the shared bicycle is also logically untenable:

Is your child responsible for the tragedy caused by illegal means of destroying the lock? How is the responsibility for sharing bicycles?

If the small yellow car has updated the lock, the safety factor can be greatly improved. However, the height of the road is one foot high, and the method of cracking the "development" of the bear child, or someone "developing" a new crack method by the bear child. After learning, and eventually leading to an accident, is the small yellow car still responsible for the legal liability caused by the lock?

If you follow this logic, you update, I crack, you update, I crack again, there is an accident, you come to compensate...

That little yellow car is also a bit too embarrassing.

The small yellow car should probably update the lock for safety reasons, but this is not the reason why parents claim huge claims.

Again, repeat:

Every bear child has a pair of bear parents behind him.

I have seen more than 12 children who are absolutely under 12 years old riding a shared bicycle.

The most exaggerated one is that a small height is not enough to sit in the seat of a shared bicycle, so he stepped on the aisle that is higher than the ground, and walked along the corridor of the aisle, stopping in front. Holding a car, and then hit the car without any suspense, fortunately, the speed is very slow, but the car has played a role as a brake for the child... And once the accident, the consequences are unimaginable, after all, the child does not look Will ride a bicycle.

Excuse me, where was his parents?

I hope that parents can have more eyes and more responsibility, prevent problems before they happen, give children a safe environment for growth, and don't let the tragedy repeat itself.

Editor in charge: Wang Caiping

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