The rise of the concept of smart home has given rise to the rapid development of the smart door lock industry. As the first guarantee to protect family safety, people are very careful about the choice of door locks. Here's a science and technology smart lock, we can compare how this smart lock.

Sciener Technology has designed safe, convenient and stylish design concepts for smart home products, including smart locks: furniture locks, smart hotel systems, access control systems, smart car locks, and lifestyle social mobile applications.


Technology Smart Lock---S2


1, mobile phone to replace the key

2, the keyboard digital password

3, app unlock information push

4, multi-user key management

5. The technology and mobile phone App and lock have a built-in triple encryption method (AES128 bit encryption, dynamic verification encryption, and encrypted Bluetooth transmission). The unlocking process does not need to pass through the network, and the source is prevented from being cracked by the network.

Product parameters


Technology Smart Lock---J1


1, fingerprint touch open door

2, the keyboard password opens the door

3, unlock information push

4, user freeze management

5, password setting period

6, Super B lock cylinder

Product parameters


Locking is not only a basic precautionary measure, but also a knight who guards the homeland. Technology Smart Lock is not only a silent hardware, but also the starting point for leading smart life.

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