NASA had previously issued a plan to send humans to Mars. However, it is not enough to realize this plan. Because solar energy on the surface of Mars is insufficient, solar energy cannot provide enough energy. NASA thought of a solution. That is the use of a small nuclear fusion reaction device to provide energy.

Nuclear fusion refers to the use of hydrogen nuclei, a class of lighter nuclei that combine into a heavier nuclei, and a portion of the lost mass during the binding process will turn into a powerful energy. NASA's Science and Technology Development Branch has funded the nuclear fusion to create energy. Kilopower was planned for 3 years and is expected to be tested in Nevada in September. Testing will continue until January next year.

NASA launched the Nuclear Energy Program (SNAP) in 1960. One of the results is currently being applied to the Mars Rover Curiosity. Curiosity uses "Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator" to provide electrical energy. The principle is to convert the heat generated when the radioactive isotope é’¸-238 (plutonium) decays into direct current for Curiosity and various items. Instrument and device drivers.

The Kilopower plan has already invested 15 million U.S. dollars. The effect of this nuclear fusion plan will be tested in September. If it goes well, it will be brought to Mars or other places for testing. According to official sources, this nuclear fusion project is expected to generate one kilowatt of electricity, but to allow humans to explore Mars successfully, it must be equipped with a 40 megawatt power production device. That is to say, if the nuclear fusion program tests successfully, then in the future, the nuclear fusion device will be delivered to Mars multiple times until it meets the power production demand. In addition to electricity, other necessary resources for exploration activities such as fuel, water, and air are required. NASA is trying to use different production methods to obtain, and electricity is the most basic source of energy for driving all production devices.

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