In our family, we will design a study room. The study room can be used for children to learn. It also allows us to have a space to install, so the study room is a more important part, but there are many ways to design the study room. How to design it? What are the precautions for the decoration of the big study room ? Next, let me introduce you to the small series of the decoration home network.


First, how to design a large study

1. The lighting in the study decoration can not be sloppy, because the human eye is easy to succumb in the environment of too strong and too weak, and can affect the eyesight. The desk of the study should be placed at the edge of the window where the sun is rich but not directly, and there is a certain distance from the window sill. This makes it easy to read the book and walk at the edge of the window to ease the mind and body.

2. The layout of the large study room should be reasonable, and it is convenient for the owner to read and find the book. First of all, the desk at home doesn't have to follow the size of the scale. Some people like the large countertops. Some people like the desks with strong decoration. Some people like the desks. When buying a desk, we can think about the chair according to the personal preference. Size and character, when placed on the book, the books that are not often read are placed on the top and bottom of the bookshelf, and the books used are placed in a convenient location.

3. Chinese-style study looks antique, many study furniture retains the ancient study design, such as bookshelves, bookcases are cleverly integrated with Chinese elements, and then with the small paintings on the calligraphy and the desk, the whole space is full of charm. The green plants placed beside the bookcases make the study full of vitality, and the Chinese palace lanterns and murals have a Chinese classic charm.


Second, the main points of the study of large study

1. When designing the study, pay attention to the lighting problem and see if it is direct or semi-direct. If the study environment is dim, the light is best taken from the upper left shoulder, or placed on the desk with a tall, non-glare table lamp, such as a spiral arm lamp or a dimming art desk lamp, allowing the light to shine directly on the desk.

2. The space layout of the study is roughly divided into three parts: in the work area, some frequently used things should be available at will; some auxiliary office equipment such as printers and fax machines can be arranged in the auxiliary area; In the leisure area, you can arrange some entertainment projects, or make a meeting environment according to actual needs, and adjust the rhythm of your work through some relaxing activities.

3. Sound insulation is a factor that must not be forgotten. A quiet environment is a prerequisite for learning and working. A noisy environment can affect people's work efficiency. When designing a study, it is best to choose a decoration material with better sound insulation. The soundproofing floor material has cork flooring, which not only reduces noise, but also feels comfortable. It can also choose to lay carpets. The effect is also very good; the wall can be decorated with sound-absorbing panels or soft bags; the curtains are recommended to choose thick materials. Soundproof curtains can also be used directly to reduce noise.

There are many local methods for the decoration of the house. Different spaces have different designs. How do you design the design of the large study and what are the design points? I want to see the introduction of the above small series. Everyone knows about these. Then if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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