For the painting of a small wall, many owners are thinking of doing it themselves, so as to save money for the workers. However, if you do not have a certain understanding of painting, then the post-production effect will be very poor. So, what should I do to apply the latex paint by myself ? Below, I will teach you how to apply the latex paint by yourself .

1. Steps of applying latex paint by yourself

Step â‘ 

Procurement of construction tools requires good tools to do fine work. Especially for brushes and paints, brands of good quality are preferred. Because the products with good quality can produce a uniform wall effect; the color saturation of the latex paint can be high, and it can withstand repeated cleaning over time.

Step â‘¡

Before painting, we must first perform basic treatment on the wall. If there are irregularities on the wall, we have to smooth it out; if there are stains on the wall and the gray layer is overstocked, it should be cleaned up as soon as possible; if there are some nail holes left in the wall early, you can use putty Smooth it out. After cleaning, wait for the wall to dry.

Step â‘¢

Use water to mix latex paint with a certain ratio, the mixing ratio is about 20-30%; if there is too much water, the viscosity of the latex paint will be bad, and it will not be able to form a film!

Step â‘£

Stir the water and latex paint with a wooden stick, and let it sit for about 20 minutes; this method is to eliminate air bubbles in the water. If you brush the wall without waiting for defoaming, there will be small bubbles on the wall!

Step ⑤

After the paint is ready, you can moisten the construction tools. Especially the brush, keep its wool softness. The roller can also be moistened in advance, which is better for dipping the paint.

Step â‘¥

For latex paint, it is recommended to use one side and two sides.

1. First of all, we first start to paint the primer, let it play a role in improving the surface properties of the wall to enhance the adsorption of the wall, and then the paint effect will be better;

2. During construction, if you think the wall is still not delicate enough, there are still some small particles, you can use 600 # water sand to clean the wall slightly;

3. After the first pass of paint brushing, brush again every 2-4 hours, and then repeat the same cycle. Some friends will say that the concept of time is not strong, then you can use your fingers to press it. If there is no sticky feeling, you can paint again.

Summary of the article: The above is the whole content of the step of applying latex paint by yourself . As long as the method of brushing latex paint is correct, it is not as difficult as everyone thinks. When it comes to wall treatment, I still want to remind everyone that there is no harm in checking more and cleaning more times!

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