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In the air quality rankings of 74 key cities in the country released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, cities such as Hebei and Hebei have attracted much attention because of their low rankings and often “countdowns”.

It is known as the “Steel City” and its industrial structure is biased. After the blue sky defense battle started, how is the progress of air pollution prevention and control in this heavy industrial city progressing? Where will the next step break? The reporter recently came to Bengbu City for extensive interviews.

The company’s determination to break the wrist of the strong man has made great efforts to go to the production capacity, and the grassroots cadres feel that they are “hanging a sword”.

In Wu'an City, steel companies gathered. In Hebei Xinjin Co., Ltd., the original blast furnace site was replaced by a green lawn, and a weeping willow around the wind moved.

In the meantime, many steel companies have made great efforts to reduce production capacity and structure in recent years. "In order to let the people breathe fresh air, we must resolutely go to production capacity. At the same time, de-capacity is also an important means to promote innovation, green development and high-quality development." Lian Quanliang, executive deputy general manager of Hebei Xinjin Co., Ltd. said.

“A period of time before the blast furnace and the converter were not demolished, it was sold as a cabbage price. After the production capacity, the price rose. The production capacity fell, but the company’s profits came up.” Lian Quanliang said.

In 2017, Handan City reduced the ironmaking capacity by 4.84 million tons and the steelmaking capacity by 3.54 million tons, which exceeded the provincial limit of 160,000 tons and 1.54 million tons respectively; the coal production capacity was 1.87 million tons, and the super-saving task was 120,000 tons; The coking capacity of coking was 3.5 million tons, and the task of super-saving was 700,000 tons; the installed capacity of backward thermal power was 307,000 kilowatts, and the provincial task was completed in full. Among them, 14 companies including Vertical and Horizontal, Dongshan Metallurgy, Guangyao Casting Industry, Weinan Coal Washing and Yutai Coking achieved overall exit.

The changes brought about by the blue sky defense war are reflected in all aspects of the city.

Clean energy is increasing. In 2017, a total of 1510 electric energy substitution projects such as smelting and heating were promoted, and the replacement power was 1.9 billion kWh. At present, the number of electric buses in Handan City has reached 1,248, making it the first city in the province to be fully electrified.

Diesel vehicle exhaust is treated. 914 914 National III emission standard diesel vehicles have been equipped with DPF particulate capture system, and 1224 non-road mobile machinery that have not reached the national III emission standard have installed particulate matter capture devices.

Motor vehicle restrictions have become the norm. The main urban area of ​​the city is currently subject to the annual normalization limit of motor vehicles, and each working day is limited to two tail numbers. “When the blue sky increased and the smog improved, everyone gradually understood and supported the restrictions.” Kong Yuanyuan, the 52-year-old environmental volunteer team leader, said.

Environmental protection pressure is transmitted in layers, and environmental responsibility is implemented at various levels. Many grassroots cadres told reporters that after the blue sky defense battle started, the top of the head always seemed to be "hanging a sword." In the past two years, Bengbu City has continuously revised and improved the accountability measures for air quality assessment, and the increasingly detailed methods of rewards and punishments are generating more and more powerful shocking effects. In 2017, the city has 1113 cadres. Since the beginning of this year, 253 cadres have been asked to dismiss one county magistrate and two deputy magistrates. During the “Review” of the Central Environmental Protection Inspector, 161 people have been held accountable for the problems found.

Two or three years ago, the smog in the autumn and winter was frequent, and it was mostly a scene of whiteness. In the past two years, especially in the last winter, the blue sky has increased. "In the past, anti-fog masks sold very hot, but last winter, the business was a bit deserted. Everyone went to the streets without wearing a mask." Kong Yuanyuan said.

The total amount of pollution discharge is large, the industrial layout is unreasonable, and the governance situation is still very severe.

Although the frequency and severity of smog have been reduced, there is still a long way to go to prevent air pollution.

According to the person in charge of the Bengbu Environmental Protection Bureau, in 2017, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in Handan City was 86 μg/m3, which was 37.68% lower than that in 2013, exceeding the “10 Atmosphere” assessment target of 7.68 percentage points. In the last autumn and winter season, the average concentration of PM2.5 in Handan City was 102 micrograms per cubic meter, down 15.7% year-on-year. However, this is still the target of the autumn and winter air pollution control that the former Ministry of Environmental Protection issued to the city of “declining 20%”. gap.

From January to June this year, the comprehensive air quality index of Handan City was 7.7, which was 20.6% lower than that of 2017. The decline rate ranked fourth in the province. The number of excellent days was 62 days, an increase of 5 days compared with the same period of last year. The number of severe and above pollution days was 18 days. The reduction was 11 days; the average concentration of PM2.5 was 78 μg/m3, a year-on-year decrease of 12.4%. In April and May, the environmental air quality assessment of Handan City ranked second among the eight channel cities in the province for two consecutive months, with a total of 1.6 million yuan in provincial funds.

Zhang Erjun, deputy director of the Bengbu Environmental Protection Bureau, said that the city's atmospheric governance situation is still very grim, and it still faces many difficulties. Since the country is an old industrial base and a resource-based heavy chemical city, the heavy industry is heavy, and the total amount of pollutants discharged is still large. Taking 2016 as an example, among the pollutants discharged by the city, sulfur dioxide reached 116,000 tons, nitrogen oxides reached 145,000 tons, and smoke (powder) dust reached 218,000 tons. Among the many cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the total discharge of pollutants in Handan City is in the top three. The industrial layout of Handan City has yet to be optimized. Hegang Group, Handan Iron and Steel Company, Handan Thermal Power Plant and Matou Thermal Power Plant are all located in the main urban area. The emissions of the three enterprises account for more than 83% of the total discharge in the main city. The city's average level.

According to experts from the Handan City Meteorological Bureau, the Taihang Mountains, which have a special geographical position and rely on them, have become a barrier for the outward transmission of pollutants. The average annual wind speed in urban areas is as low as 2 meters per second, which is likely to cause pollutants to accumulate.

“Compared with Tangshan and Tangshan, the PM2.5 emission load of the former is about 70% of that in Tangshan City. However, due to unfavorable diffusion conditions, the average annual concentration of PM2.5 is higher, about 1.1 times that of Tangshan City.” National atmospheric weight Cheng Shuiyuan, a member of the overall expert group on pollution causes and governance research, and professor of Beijing University of Technology, said.

A new round of "combat plan" has been launched with the goal of "changing every year, changing in three years, and retreating ten years in five years."

Around the goal of "resolutely winning the blue sky to defend the war", Bengbu City has launched a new round of "combat plan."

On April 27th, Handan City held a comprehensive conference on air pollution control at the city, county and township level, and made a comprehensive deployment, requiring all levels of units to “do one day, one hour and one hour, one microgram and one microgram” and propose The city's goal is to change year by year, three years of great change, and ten years after the five-year retreat (ie, the tenth place in the national 74 cities' air quality ranking released by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment).

Zhang Erjun introduced that Bengbu City has hired experts to assist in the deep treatment of 58 sintering machines of 18 enterprises and 63 coke ovens of 24 coking enterprises, and formulated a “one enterprise, one policy” management plan. Around October of this year, all enterprises will achieve ultra-low emissions.

In Hebei Xinjin Co., Ltd., the reporter saw that the plant is intensifying equipment transformation. Yuan Zhanpeng, the company's Minister of Environmental Protection, said that the current transformation is going smoothly, and the whole plant will achieve ultra-low emissions in about one month in September.

In this round of renovation, Xinjin Company has invested 120 million yuan to install 3 sets of denitration and de-whitening equipment for 3 sintering machines. After the completion of the transformation, the concentration of particulate matter will be less than 10 mg/m3, the sulfur dioxide will be below 35 mg/m3, and the nitrogen oxides will be below 50 mg/m3 to meet the ultra-low emission requirements.

Xinjin Company also invested nearly 100 million yuan to control the source of all unorganized dust spots such as sheds, coal crushing, blanking, belts, coke feeding points, etc., and built an environmental monitoring platform for the roads and dust of the plant. Area, automatic monitoring of full coverage gridding.

Yuan Zhanpeng said that Bengbu City has put forward strict requirements in the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises. The company will strive to become a garden-style factory with “spring flowers, summer shades, autumn fruits, and winter scenery” to achieve harmonious symbiosis with the surrounding environment.

In order to prevent motor vehicle pollution from the source, Handan City has signed a contract with Beijing Railway Bureau, Hegang Group, Hebei Port Group and Tianjin Port Group to carry out a three-year green transportation action plan for road and port enterprises. Before the end of this year, the city's key enterprise railways The proportion of transportation will reach more than 60%.

The person in charge of the State Grid Power Supply Company told the reporter that this year, the company will further promote the electric energy replacement project in the fields of industry, transportation and heating, and build 20 new city charging stations to realize the full coverage of public charging stations in the county areas.

In the interview, the reporter felt that the blue sky defended the battle and played more and more accurately.

In response to the prevention and control of air pollution in the non-heating season, Handan City hired a team of experts from the Beijing Metallurgical Planning and Design Institute to conduct green performance evaluations on key industries such as coking, power, cement, foundry, brick kiln and carbon, and The principles of target reversal, differential control, green orientation, dynamic adjustment, and contingency are strengthened, and differentiated management and control are implemented in sub-regions, sub-sectors, sub-enterprises, and sub-equipment. Control and control continued from April 1 to September 30, implementing differentiated control and more precise regulation between different enterprises, industries, regions and rankings.

Before the end of July, the city and county levels will simultaneously build a big data platform for atmospheric environmental supervision, realize interconnection and intercommunication, and find that the monitoring data is abnormally early warning and accurate disposal.

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