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What is the printing process of the old-style grilled chicken color printing packaging bag: offset printing process screen printing process letterpress printing process engraving printing process transfer printing process and new digital printing process each include: materials, equipment, technical engineering, management and so on. The printing process is only 5 too few. 1 Bronzing: the name is hot press transfer printing. The short name is hot transfer printing. Commonly known as hot stamping, hot silver printing. 2 UV: ultraviolet UV. The short name is UV transparent oil. Ink UV through screen printing process is now offset printing UV 3 Bumping, embossing: the name imprint by pressure to make the printed object produce a local change shape pattern process metal plate corrosion plate stamping two plates for lamination cheap common corrosion version expensive laser engraved version 4 Beer: Cantonese pronunciation turtle die-cut meaning 5 Jin Cong: paper first glue and then sprinkle gold powder on the glue 6 YO: spring objects and plastics are generally used in calendar notebook notebook spine page turning connection 7 glue: laminated paper with transparent plastic film Crystal film, light film and matte film are called the same environmental protection. 8 Pinholes: Needle thread and dental floss give the paper a semi-connected line to the paper. The opening of the package is 9 Perforated: According to the requirements, make holes for sheets of paper or N sheets of paper Special Punching Machine 10 Flocking: Brush the paper with an adhesive layer similar to the fluff material to make the paper feel like a velvet cloth.
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Cangzhou Zhenxin Plastic Packing Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in color flexible packaging and packaging film bag printing. It has professional assembly line manufacturing equipment and independently completes film blowing, printing, compounding, and bag making (folding, Slitting), edge banding, inspection, packaging, etc. Can provide one-stop service from design to production according to customer's customization requirements. The company has advanced 10-color high-speed printing machine, dry laminating machine, computer high-speed cutting machine, bag making machine, etc. Our company is also equipped with gas chromatograph, tension machine and other flexible packaging quality and safety testing instruments to ensure the stability of our company's products. Our company's main products are: automatic packaging film, food bags, vacuum bags, high temperature cooking bags, aluminum foil bags, ziplock bags, self-supporting bags, etc. Contact WeChat synchronization
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