The vortex pump is prone to failure: vortex pump is not absorbent, the pressure gauge violently beating, vortex pump power consumption is too large, the outlet pressure gauge indicates a pressure pump with little or no water, the vortex pump Flow is lower than the design flow, vortex pump bearing fever, pump vibration, then encountered these situations, the user needs how to deal with it? How to maintain the safety of vortex pump and work? How to maintain a vortex pump 1, failure: vortex pump is not absorbent, pressure gauge violently beating Maintenance method: irrigation foot water, check the pipeline to rule out air leaks. 2, fault: vortex pump power consumption is too large Maintenance methods: Loose packing gland, replace the impeller. Close the gate valve to reduce the flow. 3, failure: pressure gauge indicates that the outlet pressure, pump water little or no water Maintenance methods: reduce the tube resistance. Maintenance methods: Check the motor steering, remove impeller blockage. Increase speed. 4, fault: vortex pump flow is lower than the design flow maintenance methods: remove the blockage, replace the seal ring, increase the speed to the nameplate on the specified value. 5, fault: vortex pump sound abnormalities, the pump is not water Maintenance methods: Check the suction pipe with or without blocking, cleaning the bottom valve, reduce the liquid temperature or reduce the water absorption height. 6, fault: vortex pump bearing fever repair methods: fuel, for a good oil or low viscosity oil. Replace the bearing. Adjust pump and motor to ensure concentricity. 7, failure: vortex pump noise repair method: adjust the vortex pump and motor, to ensure concentric, replace the new bearing. 8, fault: vacuum gauge indicates a high degree of vacuum, the pump is still not absorbent. Maintenance methods: Check the end valve valve flexibility, get rid of clogs, try to make water pipe simple. Reduce water absorption height. 9, fault: pump vibration repair methods: adjust the pump and motor so that the axis alignment, impeller through the balance test, unbalanced weight requirements in about 3 grams, replace the bearing. The use of each device more or less there will be some problems or problems, but as long as these problems can be solved, the user still can maintain a good degree of trust in the device. China's vortex pump has a good foundation for development, these are the testimony of previous hard work, for the entire pump industry and the country's future need more people on the vortex pump support.

It is a kind of Lubricant Additive with a comprehensive performance and wide application. This product has excellent high temperature detergency, hydrolytic stability, and has certain antioxidant, corrosion resistance, it is widely used in the gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, and marine oil. 

It has the products of Medium Base Calcium Alkyl Salicylate T109B (150TBN) and High Base Calcium Alkyl Salicylate T109C (250TBN).

Calcium Alkyl Salicylate

Calcium Alkyl Salicylate

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