In Shanghai in late April, after a drizzle, the air in the air increased significantly the spring's sigh.
Shanghai, in late April, is also the center of the price reduction storm in the loader industry. In the past few days, a large price cut around a loader giant, public opinion is awkward, all kinds of voices are very dusty, then what is the real intention of the giant's price cut? What kind of mystery is hidden behind it? Let us find out.

He wears attire, wears rimless glasses, and is a gentleman; his eyes are strong and his confidence is strong, as if everything is in control; he is quick-thinking, and his words are firm and powerful, so that you are deeply infected... He He is the executive director, CEO and president of China Longgong Holdings Co., Ltd. Qiu Debo.
Under the calm appearance, with endless passion and vitality, this is related to his confidence in the company's strategizing, and also related to his habit of exercising and fitness for many years. Qiu said that there are many similarities between doing business and fitness. Fitness can't be effective, it needs long-term perseverance, it needs reasonable matching of diet, and it can make feasible fitness programs and plans. The same is true for enterprises. Optimize management, improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency, etc., in order to ensure the healthy and positive development of enterprises.
Talking about the recently-reported Longgong loader's price reduction feedback policy, Qiu said frankly that it is because Longgong's long-term "fitness" has enabled the company to maintain its vigorous vitality and broad development space, so that it can take the initiative to make profits and launch " Share the "Caring Action Plan" with the customer.
Three reasons for price cuts: "Why should Longcheng cut prices? First, the most fundamental thing is that users are affecting our decision-making." Qiu Debo said that at present, users around the world are underemployed, and losses are widespread. Many are struggling to die on the verge of death. Above, "In this extremely difficult situation, if companies have 'remaining power', they should pull them, because helping them to survive is to help themselves survive better."
So where does “Yu Li” come from? The decrease in production costs comes from the improvement of technical level and management efficiency. For example, the price of the most important raw material steel for loaders is 36% lower than that of the highest peak three years ago. For example, enterprises have significantly reduced various materials consumption and energy consumption through optimized management. But these have not been passed to users before, so this is the second reason for Longgong to cut prices.
"The third reason is that the homogenization of products in the domestic loader industry is extremely serious, which is not conducive to long-term benign development. Longgong will take this price cut as an opportunity to set off a wave of upgrading of China's loader industry. It is expected that Longong will be completed in the second half of this year. The N series new products that are more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and more comfortable will be fully introduced to the market, leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry and the upgrading of products, and gradually get rid of the homogenization development dilemma."
Qiu Debo concluded: "Every marketing plan of Longgong insists on three nos, that is, it does not engage in dumping, does not fool consumers, and does not attack and destroy competitors."

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