Tile enterprise science promotion, increase experience

With the intensification of product homogenization problems, tile merchants in the past rely on the price war promotions are no longer suitable for the development of the industry's industry, in this era of promoting ceramic tile companies should master the real promotion method, and then use science The combination of advanced means of dissemination can only increase the user's experience, so that the company can achieve marketing success.

Promotional frequency, promotion methods are not scientific

Although it has not yet reached the May Day holiday, it is understood that many ceramic tile brands have started the warm-up activities for the May Day promotion, not only launching series of online promotions, but also launching many eye-catching innovation activities online. However, in the eyes of many people in the industry, the promotion of this is an occasional marketing tool used by businesses and businesses, but now it has become the company's conventional weapons. Every holiday must be promoted. Any major event or important honour must be promoted. Every company, brand, or storefront must have a “birthday” promotion. Take advantage of these promotions to promote the proliferation of promotions. The quagmire of the sale.

In addition, for the ceramic tile industry, sales promotion in terminal stores is an important way to promote sales and increase brand awareness. However, with the development of the industry, past promotion tactics have become less effective. The stereotyped promotion slogans and activities have caused consumers not to mention the slightest interest. At the same time, dealers will lose enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the promotion of stores.

Improve product added value to enhance user experience

The May Day holiday is approaching. The ceramic tile company must not only strengthen its sales promotion, but also need to focus on the consumer's consumption pain point in the promotion process, and do enough work on the added value of the products. Enterprises need to increase the added value of their products in product development, store display, terminal experience, design and installation, and after-sales service.

Indeed, in today's market environment where consumers have become accustomed to various promotions, the promotion of ceramic tile companies is only a small gimmick to attract consumers, and has failed to arouse the desire and behavior of most consumers. Tile companies want consumers to really buy products and increase their sales, it is necessary to strengthen the consumer experience for the product, the consumer satisfaction as the highest goal.

In general, not only the May Day promotion, ceramic tile companies in the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, New Year's Day and a series of holiday promotions, should not only be placed on improving sales at that time, but should consider more long-term, to think of improving The company's brand awareness, consumer trust, reputation and so on. Therefore, tile companies must also be genuine and realistic when it comes to promotions, so that they can truly benefit consumers. Only in this way can the consumer trust the corporate brand more, and thus promote the long-term development of the company.

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