For women, life has three important things: running a husband is to manage happiness; having children, so that women's happiness can continue; caring for their health is the foundation of women's happiness. Then how to be healthy in today's society to breed the next generation has been plaguing many women.
To be a mother, every step must be cautious, just to meet new life with good mental state and physical state. Once you become a mother, 280 days of pregnancy, experienced weight gain, suffering from morning sickness, swollen feet, back pain, chest tightness, frequent urination, etc., may also face health threats due to lack of understanding of precautions during pregnancy.

Want to prepare for pregnancy and want to have eugenics? Want to know your physical condition at any time and anywhere to say goodbye to potential crisis? Want to know more about pregnancy, share the gestation period? Want a healthy baby and a healthy self? Then say goodbye to the traditional test strips, and say "Hello" with the essential artifact of pregnancy.

Himama intelligent pregnancy assistant, using wearable smart hardware, with mobile app smart guidance. It can continuously collect and record the accurate health data of each expectant mother. After realizing the automatic analysis, it will be presented through daily recommendations, accurate predictions, timely reminders, and pregnancy running scores. From pregnancy to pregnancy, from pregnancy to production, the body is accurately detected throughout the process to protect the health of the baby and mother. Let every woman of the right age easily become a mother without worry!

Himama intelligent pregnancy assistant knows you best:

Easy pregnancy, how can we shorten the time of pregnancy, a greater chance of eugenics?

Himama has professional pregnancy guidance and scientific and effective preparation methods, from the physical to the psychological to give you comprehensive guidance and adjustment, to help mothers prepare, to maintain the best pregnancy status. Precise ovulation monitoring and intuitive pregnancy chance reminder, with daily recommendations more intimate, eugenics are no longer difficult.

2. Happy and healthy, what do pregnant women want most?

Of course, after a happy pregnancy, a healthy baby is born! Happy pregnancy begins with an easy measurement. Himama's smart hardware is easy to use, simple two-step, put on before going to bed at night, wake up in the morning to take off, easily complete all measurements and record data: including body temperature (accurate to 0.05 ° C), ovulation date, menstrual date and so on.

Himama Intelligent Pregnancy Assistant can remind you of the potential crisis in the first time, no matter during pregnancy or pregnancy. There are more daily suggestions, so that you and your baby can be better every day!

Himama's intelligent pregnancy "artifact" has started the world premiere in Jingdong crowdfunding.

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Kitchen Accessories

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