Biogas residue fertilizer is an environmentally-friendly organic fertilizer. It contains a large amount of organic matter and various nutrients. It has the function of sterilizing and activating tree cells, which is conducive to the robustness and superior fruit rate of kiwifruit. Conditional areas can directly build biogas digesters in orchards, combine planting grass and raising pigs, and provide biogas raw materials, which can increase the application rate of organic fertilizers, solve lighting problems, and save energy and economic costs.

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Wire mesh filter cloth mainly refers to wire mesh products made with Dutch woven patterns. Anping Yahua Wire Mesh Co. is an expert in Woven Wire Mesh, especially custom and special type wire mesh filter cloth Dutch woven. Dutch Woven Wire Cloth can be further divided into mainly four types according to weaving patterns:

Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Dutch Plain Woven

Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Dutch Twill Woven

Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Reverse Dutch Woven

Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Five-Heddle Woven

Dutch Weave Mesh

Dutch Weave Mesh, Woven Wire Mesh, Twill Dutch Weave Wire Manufacturer in China

Anping Shengjia Hardware Mesh Co.,LTD ,

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