With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the public's choice of furniture is also biased towards solid wood furniture , and more and more people buy solid wood furniture, but there are so many kinds of solid wood, which one is better to buy, the following small series for you to explain What kind of solid wood furniture is good , how to distinguish solid wood furniture.

哪种实木家具好 如何辨别实木家具

First, the solid wood furniture is good

Nowadays, several materials commonly used in solid wood furniture in the furniture market are pine, rubber wood, eucalyptus, birch, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, ash, oak, cherry and so on. Among them, pine, fir and other softwoods are not suitable for furniture. It is recommended not to buy; the most commonly used hardwood is rubber wood (the difference between the word and the oak, but the quality is far worse), although it is of low origin, but because of its low price, the manufacturer Widely used, some large brand furniture also use this material, if the price is really cheap, it can also be considered; beech, birch, eucalyptus is almost, is a mid-range material, the price is not considered; eucalyptus, ash is a good material, But the price will not be cheap; and oak and cherry wood are high-grade imported materials, which sell for a high price. There is a kind of material recommended to you - eucalyptus, it has the same name as the American oak, the same wood, material, performance is almost the same, but it is produced in China, the price is much lower, it should be a good price for wood, but Unfortunately, manufacturers often use it to pretend to import American oak!

哪种实木家具好 如何辨别实木家具

First of all, in terms of value, which kind of wood is good for solid wood furniture. This is undoubtedly the mahogany furniture . Redwood includes eight types of rosewood, rosewood, fragrant wood, black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, striped ebony and chicken wing wood. Redwood is a log, and it has a high collection value. Many high-end furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are made with it. At present, the price of mahogany furniture on the market must be at least 10,000 yuan.

From the perspective of affordable, what kind of wood is solid wood furniture is pine furniture. Pine furniture is the cheapest one of all solid wood furniture. It also has many advantages. It is a natural material for solid wood children's furniture, but it also has the disadvantage that pine wood furniture is soft, easy to deform, and cannot bear heavy objects.

From a practical point of view, which kind of wood is good for wood furniture, these two kinds of wood are harder, the furniture made is better, the texture is clear, the termite-proof effect is strong, and the practicality is also strong. The price is much cheaper than mahogany.

哪种实木家具好 如何辨别实木家具

Second, identify solid wood furniture skills

When purchasing solid wood furniture, first of all, pay attention to whether there is clear wood grain on the furniture panel. If there is any, look at the back of the position, if there is the same pattern, if it is also possible, it can be considered as pure solid wood. Another method is to look at thrift. In the place where the surface of the board is scarred, if the board has the same scar on both sides, it can be confirmed as pure solid wood furniture.

When purchasing solid wood furniture, you should also check whether the wood of the wooden board and drawer is dry and white, whether the texture is tight, delicate, and whether there is irritating odor; whether the processing technology of the wooden surface is fine, whether the panel is smooth, whether there is burr, whether the paint is present or not. Cracks or bubbles. Bad wood furniture wood, mostly red chestnut skin, color and style will look a bit old-fashioned.

哪种实木家具好 如何辨别实木家具

The above is the good information about which kind of wood furniture is solid wood. If you want more furniture information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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