The houses provided by the developers for the friends of the owners are generally the framework of a unified pattern. In the later period, they also need to design their own plans. Naturally, they will inevitably need to knock walls and cut them. The so-called wall knocking is the removal and reconstruction of the walls in the original house. However, if you don’t understand the structure of your room, you will be tempted to do it. Instead, problems will arise and the loss will not be worth the loss. Then how to calculate the cost of decoration knock wall ? New home renovation knock on the wall to pay attention to what? Let's take a look!

How to calculate the cost of decoration knock wall

First of all, Xiao Bian can not give you an absolute price standard, because of the different reasons for the difference in prices, but can be a simple example. There are several calculation methods: 1 Calculated according to the thickness of the wall, 12cm and 24cm wall prices are not the same, the former's price is about 25 yuan / flat, the latter is not less than 30 yuan / flat. In addition, it is also related to the size of the wall to be hit, and the small price of the area is 30 to 35 yuan per square meter.

Another method is all-inclusive, well-understood, referring to all the packages for the professional master, but it is best that you measure the area in advance, so that you know, for example, about 10 levels, according to 30 yuan that is 300 Yuan, you can bargain on this number.

Decoration knock wall notes

1, before the demolition of the wall should be reported to the property approval

In general, after the completion of the entire building, the builder will submit a drawing of the property office, clearly marking the nature, thickness, material, etc. of various walls, so that the owner can understand which walls can be removed. Therefore, before the renovation of the wall, the friends of the owners must submit the construction drawings given by the designer to the property company and get approval before they can begin construction.

2, the top beam is not removable

Some homes have beams at the top. They are key load-bearing parts and have a solid effect. Some homeowners will knock beams in order to look good or to facilitate design. In fact, this is a wrong practice and can easily cause the upper floors to fall. We can use the ceiling to hide the beams during the decoration, which is beautiful and solves the problem.

3, do not knock on the wall of the balcony

Many houses have external terraces. The internal and external joints are separated by walls. Some friends will demolish the wall in order to meet the daylight. This is also a wrong practice. In general, this wall is a load-bearing wall and it is risky to open a window on it. If there is a door or window on the wall, the door and window can be knocked off, but the wall below the window cannot be knocked. This wall is called the “weight wall” and plays the role of provoking the balcony. After being demolished, it will be Decreasing the bearing capacity of the balcony can also cause the balcony to fall.

4, bearing wall can not be removed

This is what everyone knows, but often many people make mistakes, why? That is, you do not understand what wall in your house is a load-bearing wall. The load-bearing wall is a wall with no pre-prepared ring beam on the wall, and its thickness is thicker than non-load-bearing wall, usually 24 cm, and non-bearing wall is 10-15 cm. The demolition of bearing walls can easily affect the structural safety of the house. Before the renovation, it is necessary to check the plans for the construction plans and consult relevant professionals.

5. The repair work after wall removal cannot be saved

After the completion of the demolition and rectification according to the plan, the later-stage repairs are also indispensable. For example, the wall surface of the new brick and new masonry walls is to be lacing, that is, to repair the joints between old and new walls, so as to ensure the wall body. The stability and shock resistance.

Summary: The above is Xiaobian made today for everyone to decorate the wall costs and precautions related knowledge, I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding, related to decoration wall knock we can refer to, I hope this article is helpful to you Oh.

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