Now, the prices of houses in all cities are so high that many people who are just in need have to go and choose to return home to build their own houses. Although the self-built houses are located in the suburbs, the surrounding air is also extremely fresh and can be used to build a small villa. Then how to decorate the rural living room look good , rural self-building interior decoration what skills, let's take a look below.

First, how to decorate rural living room look good

The self-contained buildings are very different from the ones purchased. In terms of location, one is located in the urban area, and the other is located in the countryside or small towns. In addition, the area of ​​self-built houses is definitely larger than that of commercial housing, so it will be different in design. Then how to decorate rural living rooms look good? Rural self-built houses are generally more than two floors, so it is best to set the living room on the first floor. It has the role of organizing transportation and has certain rationality. Secondly, many people in the countryside believe in the Buddha, so they can set up an ancestral platform in front of the gate and also respect traditional customs. Finally, it should also be noted that the number of lighting in the living room should not be too much, and the simplicity should be better. Otherwise, it would be like a lighting shop; if the living room is large, then you may consider using a floor metal socket; the height of the self-built house is higher, so ceilings can be ceiling-mounted; How to decorate this issue depends on your specific needs.

Second, the rural interior decoration skills

1, this kind of house is often planned before the construction of the basic pattern, so for the later period to reduce the number of demolition and renovation projects, but also to a certain extent, saving the expenses, so we should do a good job in the building of the pipeline Pre-buried, three-level purification tanks, burying pipes and other pre-embedded projects.

2. We should respect folk customs and allow some cultures to be inherited. Therefore, when building or decorating, we should use more local characteristics as a theme to create a laid-back, natural, rustic and elegant living atmosphere for our family. The use of natural materials such as wood, masonry, rattan, and cotton cloth is particularly suitable for large-scale house renovations. The effect is very good.

3. The most important thing is practicality. To be people-oriented, the functions of each region must be distributed reasonably, and there should be no conflict between them so that the owner can live more conveniently.

Rural decoration considerations

1. Choose a good team and have professional construction plan drawings;

2. Don't despise the decoration of such houses. There is a need to supervise them in order to ensure quality and reduce the trouble for future use;

3, the problem of the water must be handled well, so as to work and rest, otherwise a lot of late troubles;

4. Hydroelectric power is hidden in the ground. The procurement of quality materials must not be coveted and cheap. In addition, the layout should be vertical and standardized.

Summary: The above is what Xiaobian brought to everyone today, how to decorate the rural living room to see the relevant knowledge, I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding of the rural living room decoration tips and precautions you can refer to, I hope this article on You guys help.

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