A well-arranged cooking area allows housewives to cook delicious and tasty meals while enjoying the process very well and making cooking a relaxing matter, but at present most of the owners are unsatisfied The design of the kitchen and other areas of the Unicom, so the partition will be used to separate the area, not only can avoid soot drift, while increasing the appearance of a certain, then the kitchen decoration cut off what? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below and hope to provide some help for your kitchen decoration.

What are the kitchen decoration partitions

First, the kitchen and restaurant cut off

1, bar partition

The brightest layout of this type of divider between the cooking area and the dining room not only makes the living room more modern and artistic, but also looks particularly stylish, especially after sitting every day after work to sit and enjoy a glass of fine wine. , And the design of the bar can also play a blocking effect, a dual purpose.

2, cabinet partition

If you think that the cooking area is too small and you want to separate it from the dining room, try to arrange a cupboard, which can store a lot of clutter in the kitchen, and it can also be used to cut off the effect.

3, glass door partition

In order to avoid smoky smoke, many families will install a movable glass door as a divider in these two areas so that when cooking, just pull the door and the fumes are isolated, which is very beneficial to a healthy life. The partition is also very suitable between the kitchen and the living room.

Second, the partition between the kitchen and the living room

In fact, not every cooking area is next to the dining room. Some of them are also open to the living room. Separate racks can be used for separation. Not only can a few bottles of fine wine be placed, but also some debris can be stored, which is convenient and convenient. Of course, if the design is good, it can also play an artistic role.

Exquisite feng shui for kitchen decoration

1. It is best to choose a square for the dividers, and try not to completely block the line of sight. For example, some low or hollow cabinets are very suitable. At the same time, it is most consistent with the mysterious feng shui. Therefore, a too-real partition will make the space appear small. , but completely transparent and it is not conducive to Tibetan wind accumulation.

2. Among all the separator materials, the best one is the wooden product. If the cooking area happens to be in the east of the living room, the energy of the rising sun will make the home full of vibrant atmosphere. In addition, the wooden materials are more common. The resulting partitions are diverse in shape and can be painted in different paint colors.

Conclusion: The article is about the kitchen decoration partition which knowledge is introduced, I believe most of the residents for the kitchen decoration partition which has a further understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

Kitchen partition

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