【China Aluminum Network】 The annual CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) is a revelry for technology enthusiasts. Every year, CES will have a big wave of “black technology” products.

As in previous years, Little Aluminum has been silently watching various high-tech products. Looking at it, it suddenly has a major discovery - aluminum alloys.

Originally, aluminum alloys have been applied to various fields of consumer electronics in depth, because it is more robust and durable than other materials, facilitates coloration, has good heat dissipation, and has a low overall cost. It is really necessary for home travel, technology research and development, and display of B-cells.

As a result, Little Aluminum has found five major products from numerous "black technologies," giving you a brief introduction.

1 Millet Router HD! After three years of exploration, the metal aluminum fuselage was used for the first time, and the appearance looked even higher.


2 Dell has recently released a monitor that attracts people's attention. It also uses an aluminum alloy body!


3 I heard that Nokia is back! Nokia6 has recently been released and it is machined using aluminum alloy body.


4 Razer three-screen game book, this notebook is the role of the present game in the ability to compete for the value of the representative, all aluminum alloy body.


The 5 whale launches two ultra-thin TVs, using a unique three-slim, ultra-thin design, with a thinner area of ​​only 4.9mm, an aluminum-alloy one-piece curved polished frame, and an aluminum alloy wire drawing integrated rear cover.


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