There are often people complaining that the quality of the flooring is not good, but after statistics, it was discovered. 80% of the floor is due to the installation of improper shortened life, then the floor of the error of what is the situation? Today Xiaobian share with you.
Error situation 1: The floor is not paved. The floor irregularity will cause the floor and keel to hang. When the pedal is stolen, it will make a sound and it will cause the keel deformation in the long run.

Error situation 2: The keel has not been dried, and the untreated keel has a water content of about 25%, while the normal qualified floor moisture content is about 12%. The humidity difference is too large and will cause the floor to absorb moisture and cause floor defects. Qu, paint cracking and other situations.

Error situation 3: The floor bottle is too compact or too slack, especially solid wood flooring. Because the raw material is solid wood, there will be thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon. If the floor is too loose or too tight, the floor will crack and crack.

Error situation 4: Fixing method using wooden wedges and nails: In the construction, the fixing method using wooden wedges and iron nails will cause the nail grip force to be insufficient due to the small contact surface between the wooden wedges and the iron nails. The wooden keel is loose, and a noise will appear when treading on the floor.

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