Decoration case:

Last week, there was a thing that Mr. Guo regretted: Mr. Guo strictly checked the quality of the large-scale decoration materials when he renovated the new house last year, but the quality of the small hardware was not so good because he felt the small hardware. The value is relatively low, it is not too important, and it will not cause too much problems. As a result, less than a year after the renovation, the doors of the various rooms in the house were drooping to varying degrees, and some doors could not even be closed.

In life, many people do not pay attention to the quality of hardware like Mr. Guo, and they regret it. In fact, hardware is the most important decoration material after water and electricity products. It is like the joints of the human body. If there is a problem with the joints, then the various activities of the human body cannot be carried out normally; if the hardware is out The problem, it is very likely that the door can not be closed, the window is not tight, so that you can't live normally. Therefore, we must not underestimate the role of hardware.

So, how do we buy home hardware?

Hardware can be divided into ordinary hardware and special hardware according to the different functions of its use. Ordinary hardware can be divided into hinge rails, decorative handles, decorative locks, etc. according to different setting methods. Special hardware can be divided into bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant according to different setting methods.

When buying hardware, you should first carefully observe whether the appearance process is rough, and then fold the switch several times by hand to see if the switch slides freely (especially when you choose hinges and slide rails, you should choose good sealing performance) Whether there is any abnormal noise, whether it matches the grade of the furniture.

You should choose a household lock with flexible performance (it is best to use stainless steel lock body and copper lock core. You can use the key to repeatedly insert and remove several times when you purchase it, to see if it is smooth, but also try to check whether the switch is hard to work. The best choice The lock is heavier, the heavier the lock is, the thicker the material is, the more resistant it is to wear. Otherwise, it means that the material of the lock is very thin and easily damaged. Then look at the smoothness of the surface of the lock to see if it is smooth. Fine, no spots.

When choosing a special hardware with good appearance, it is mainly to see if its appearance is defective, what is the gloss of the plating, and whether the hand feels smooth.

When choosing the handle of the furniture, the shape does not have to be bizarre. Pay attention to the quality and feel of the product. Pay special attention to the contrast and the beauty of the handle, so that the style of the handle and the furniture can be unified. It is best to choose a handle that is plated and electrostatically painted to provide wear and corrosion protection. In addition to matching the decorative style of the living room, the selected handle should also be able to bear a large pulling force (usually the handle should be able to bear more than 6 kg of pulling force).

When purchasing hardware, consumers should try to use products from manufacturers with long history and high reputation. Hinge hinges, guide rails, and chain are frequently used, which directly affects the quality and service life of doors, cabinet doors, drawers, etc. It is recommended that you choose those brand products, and never ignore the quality of the products because of price problems.


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