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As we all know, the biggest constraint to the development of the sheet metal industry is the excessive formaldehyde content. Properly resolving the formaldehyde problem can lead to a meteoric rise. Failure to break through the formaldehyde constraint can only lead to bedridden. Therefore, the formaldehyde content has become the watershed and cutting line of the sheet metal industry.

Whether the board company can stand out from the “Zhongshan” or not should still test whether the formaldehyde content of the board meets the standard and whether the formaldehyde level is excellent. Therefore, if a sheet company wants to start a blockbuster event, it must begin with the formaldehyde content and improve its production technology.

The production of sheet metal products is highly dependent on machinery. Plate production companies should adopt advanced production equipment to increase production efficiency and reduce the formaldehyde content of boards. Production is a technological activity. Plate companies also need to introduce and train professional technicians to match advanced production machinery and combine them into the most advanced production force.

Excessive levels of formaldehyde are harmful to the human body. Lightness can cause skin irritation, dermatitis and pigmentation are closely followed, and it can also cause respiratory tract irritation, induce edema, headache, bronchial asthma and other diseases, and can also cause genotoxicity in severe cases. Excessive formaldehyde can not be underestimated, while furniture, flooring and other board products are the main source of household formaldehyde. In order to ensure the health and safety of our home environment, we must start from the roots and break the danger in the cradle. It can be seen that the level of plate production is directly related to family health and the control of formaldehyde content on the board is of utmost importance.

At present, China's regulation of formaldehyde content in sheet metal is still imperfect, and the standard for determining the level is far lower than in other countries. Formaldehyde in China is a long-term task.

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