Abstract On November 27th, in the "2012 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" held in Beijing TV station, the "Growth Enterprise Group" competition in the Beijing Division Ranking Competition, Wald Company "Development and Promotion of High Permeability Anti-slip Toothed Diamond Cutter Wheel" The project won the second class of “Growth Enterprise Group”...
On November 27th, 2012, in the "2012 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition" held in Beijing TV station, the "Growth Enterprise Group" competition in the Beijing Division Ranking Competition, Beijing Wald Company "Development of high-permeability anti-slip toothed diamond cutter wheel and Promote the project and win the second prize of the “Growth Enterprise Group”.

The “2012 First China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” was jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. The competition was held in accordance with the Startup Group, the Growth Enterprise Group and the Entrepreneur Team. The enterprise group has produced 48 companies in the four competitions in Beijing, Shenzhen, Ningbo and Chengdu to enter the national finals. The start-up team rematched in Shanghai and finally determined that about 20 teams entered the national finals.

Mr. Chen Jifeng, the chairman of the company, personally led the team. After fierce competition in the preliminary, semi-final and final competitions, he stood out from more than 1,000 enterprises in the Beijing Division and successfully advanced to the national finals. In the finals, the company and the team will face the auditing experts to showcase the scenes. The top 12 of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Enterprise Group and the top 10 team teams will be determined through the competition.

Chairman Chen Jifeng introduced the background, development status and future trends of the project. Through independent innovation, Wald successfully developed and mass-produced the toothed diamond cutter wheel, breaking the monopoly of Japanese and Korean companies in this field, filling the domestic gap and opening up the localization and batching of high-end precision toothed diamond cutter wheels. The production process has developed into one of the top three companies in the world to realize the mass production of toothed diamond cutter wheels. The cutting quality and service life of Wald's toothed diamond cutter wheel are comparable to those of foreign products, and it has surpassed the well-known foreign products in strengthening the cutting of ITO coated TFT touch screen. Wald will also innovate and expand the application field of micro-tooth processing technology, creating a "tooth" era of ordinary glass mechanical cutting and manual processing.

The implementation and promotion of the project has significantly reduced the cost of the TFT-LCD and touch screen manufacturing industries, resulting in good economic and social benefits, adding to the gorgeous movement of Chinese manufacturing “from China to China”. New notes.

The wonderful speech and defense of Chairman Chen Jifeng was highly praised by the expert judges. Chen Hong’s judges commented, “This is a typical example of Chinese manufacturing companies gradually adopting technological innovation to gradually defeat foreign good companies and gradually move toward the world”; Deng Feng’s judges said, “This is the highest score I voted for, I am very Optimistic, I voted for the highest score not only for this company, but for this industry, we see a lot of advanced manufacturing, precision-manufactured Chinese companies, like your company, from China to China, very good! You are very A good example, many investors believe that China's future is a good investment."

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