The Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association has published a series of shocking data. About 91.2% of households in Shanghai have excessive formaldehyde in summer, and formaldehyde has become the biggest cause of indoor air pollution.

Formaldehyde is hard to find more dangerous

At present, the adhesive used in the decorative sheet is still mainly urea-formaldehyde resin, and the formaldehyde remaining in the sheet which is not involved in the reaction is gradually released to the surrounding environment. Formaldehyde is a relatively important source of pollution in home decoration. It is a colorless, highly irritating odor. If the content is not very high, it cannot be detected by instruments or experts. Among all the contacts, children and pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, and the harm is even greater. Allergic asthma, lack of concentration, memory loss and other symptoms are all possible harms caused by formaldehyde.

Home improvement applications are difficult to prevent

Since formaldehyde is so dangerous, why can't consumers avoid this kind of pollution? This is mainly because formaldehyde is widely used in home decoration. The formaldehyde of households not only comes from artificial boards such as plywood, blockboard, medium density fiberboard and particleboard used for interior decoration, but also comes from products including wood-based panel furniture, fabric furniture, kitchen furniture, etc.; All kinds of decorative materials, especially unqualified white latex and paint, indoor decorative textiles are not spared, bedding, wall coverings, wallpaper, carpets and curtains may all contain formaldehyde. A large number of furniture and building materials use formaldehyde as a preservative or solvent, which leads to the inoperability of eliminating formaldehyde at the root.

F4 star standard gives you peace of mind

In order to achieve the green decoration of home decoration, the F4 star standard came into being. The F4 star standard is Japan's latest environmental standard for the construction industry. It represents the highest wood-based panel grade in Japan's highest industrial standard. The formaldehyde content of this grade-compliant panel is less than 0.3mg/L. It is reported that Shengxiang Group, as a leading expert in the flooring industry in China, has been committed to the research and development of the green environmental protection technology and the promotion of its concept. It will soon launch a new generation of health products using the F4 star standard. This initiative will rewrite the health standards of Chinese flooring.

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