Factors that affect the self-priming pump self-priming performance (1) Reservoir volume For the gas-liquid hybrid self-priming pump, increasing the volume of the reservoir, increasing the storage capacity, can make the self-priming time have different degrees of shortening. (2) The gap between the impeller and the septum tongue plays the role of scraping off the gas-liquid mixture from the outer edge of the impeller to prevent the gas-liquid mixture from circulating locally in the volute chamber. The smaller the gap between the bellmouth and the impeller is, the more gas The more liquid mixture, the shorter the self-priming, but the gap is too small will make the pump produce a larger flow noise. (3) Impeller exit width and snail cross-sectional area For external mixed self-priming sewage pump, wide impeller exit width and snail cross section are conducive to the full mixing of gas and liquid to reduce self-absorption time. (4) Backflow hole area test shows that the area of ​​the backflow hole has an optimum value. The area of ​​the backflow hole is smaller than the optimum value and the self-priming time is prolonged. When the area of ​​the backflow hole is larger than the optimum value, the self-priming height and the pump efficiency will both decrease. (5) backflow hole position External mixed self-suction pump backflow hole at different positions, self-absorption effect is different, usually placed near the bottom of the pump scroll position.

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