With the scarcity of raw materials for mahogany, especially since the scent of rosewood (commonly known as Hainan huanghuali) has almost disappeared in the market, people have begun to pay attention to the new wood that can be replaced. With the continuous rise of the “new “national standard””, new wood development has become a new strategic goal for the sustainable development of the traditional furniture industry.

When the new wood was born, many redwood fans were curious as well as doubts. Can wood, which is not marked by the National Standard, be called mahogany? Does it have value in use and appreciation? Even some redwood fans feel a bit uncomfortable, just like traditional furniture has changed.

In fact, this is the impact of new things. The background of the selection of the "Redwood" national standard is based on the comprehensive use of the furniture used in the Forbidden City (microblogging) furniture and the materials used in the market for hardwood furniture. These woods were used in ancient times as a carrier of traditional furniture for a variety of reasons. Similarly, the reason why the ancients chose these woods for furniture was rooted in the specific conditions at that time. It was the best wood for making furniture, not how "special" it was. In fact, due to the innate conditions at the time, many of the better-quality woods could not be explored and discovered. This also caused these woods to be the darling of the "Redwood" national standard because of the innate conditions.

For example, the Vietnamese huanghua pear, which is still identifiable, is the same kind as Hainan huanghuali. As a result, one person knows the whole, and the other is like an illegitimate child. He has been unable to recognize his ancestors and has no such thing in the International Wood Records. For example, the recently controversial Big Leaf huanghuali is much better than the wood in many "Redwood" national standards, and is known as the best carrier of Ming style furniture. But this kind of wood, so far, even his own name can not be defined, life experience can be described as extremely tragic.

In addition, there is a lot of wood that has not even been discovered, hidden in the mountains. In contrast, the current development of the mahogany furniture industry has been deliberately emphasizing the cherishment of wood in recent years, resulting in furniture that has undergone earth-shaking changes due to different wood. Today, materials have become the core of the value of furniture.

It is undeniable that traditional furniture has always been based on "type, material, art, rhyme" as a standard. Among them, timber also has a place. But the reason why traditional furniture can achieve such a lush development in the contemporary, is it really because of the material? In fact, it is not the traditional culture in which the styling, crafts and furniture are passed down, that is, the so-called "rhyme". The material is just a kind of carrier to carry these, but now it has become the top priority, and the cart before the horse.

With the continuous shortage of raw materials for mahogany, if this has been continued, the entire mahogany furniture industry will face a situation of “no rice”. In this crisis, the use of new materials has become an inevitable choice for sustainable industrial development. However, the development of new materials is only just beginning, and it is necessary for the colleagues in the industry to work together to eliminate the adverse effects of “materialism” and to carry forward the essence of traditional culture and crafts carried by mahogany furniture itself.

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