Winter is here, we have to interact with our family in a warm and warm way to spend a wonderful winter home life, starting from the kitchen. The kitchen is a space that integrates cleaning, preparation, cooking, storage and other functions. There are dozens of kitchen utensils such as tableware, pots, and electrical appliances. It is a headache for people to use. In fact, it is reasonable to divide the area, make full use of the space, and make the storage order, which can make the kitchen clean and easy to use. Today, I will recommend several storage tips to make your kitchen no longer messy!

The cabinet is used to collect large items

The base cabinet is an important storage area for the kitchen. It is generally divided into two layers or not layered to facilitate storage of larger items in the kitchen. Pots, dishes, rice cookers, juicers, etc. can all be stored, avoiding all items on the table and appear messy.

The large floor-to-ceiling cabinet has a powerful storage function, which can make full use of the space above the cabinet, and the open design makes the space more abundant.

The semi-open design of the large storage cabinet makes the space vivid and interesting, and uses the commonly used items in the open cabinet.

Cabinet drawers, making room for the kitchen

The interior of the cabinets of Korani cabinets can be used to store all kinds of seasonings and tableware in a reasonable and orderly manner, which makes it easier to operate and makes cleaning easier. In the corners of the cabinet, it is not suitable for cabinets and drawers. In the corner, the stretchable drawbar can be used to hang some kitchen utensils, making use of the corner space and making the kitchen more tidy.

The multi-layer widened drawer maximizes the storage of small items, and even the lower part of the sink can be designed with drawers. The entire cabinet is more neat in appearance and adds a small storage space.

Korani cabinet drawers can be designed according to the characteristics of the storage items. All kinds of seasoned bottles can be designed with a higher drawer. Some tableware such as cutlery can be designed with a lower drawer and separated inside the drawer. , to maximize the use of all space.


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