According to the person in charge of the Enterprise Service Department of the Industrial Port Management Committee, as of October this year, the park has introduced 13 energy-saving lighting manufacturers including Yuanli Optoelectronics and Dongxu Energy Savings, covering an area of ​​356 mu and achieving an investment of 1.28 billion. "Twelve of the 13 energy-saving lighting manufacturers introduced have been put into production, and one company is accelerating construction." She also said that from January to October this year, the park's energy-saving lighting companies have achieved an output value of 600 million yuan. The industrial added value is 190 million yuan, the profit and tax is 0.6 billion yuan, and more than 700 people are employed in labor. Up to now, many municipalities and transportation facilities including the Deyuan New City of Yinxian County and the Yinchuan Ring Expressway have been able to find LED lights or electrodeless lamps made by Jixian County. In the next step, Jixian plans to build a cooperative trade platform for enterprises in the park. In the form of professional promotion conferences, it will actively promote the construction of high-energy-saving lighting industry while helping the park enterprises to expand production and management space.

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