On November 29th, Professor Fang Xiaohu and his wife visited the China Superhard Materials Network to visit the guest. They were warmly received by the general manager of the website, Liu Jinchang, the website consultant Professor Wang Guangzu and the executive deputy general manager Shi Chao.
Professor Fang Xiaohu and his wife took a group photo with Professor Wang Guangzu. Professor Fang Xiaohu first highly affirmed the solid work of China Superhard Materials Network as a professional information service platform in the industry, and hoped that the website could continue to work hard in the future work for the superhard materials industry. Develop and provide better modern information services, and strive to make China's superhard materials network into a more professional industry portal. Later, the old predecessors of the industry talked about the history of the "50 years of China's superhard materials industry." The old predecessors attached great importance to this work of history, and conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges on many issues arising in the history of the work. Professor Fang Xiaohu said in his conversation: "The history of the work is a major event in the entire super-hard materials industry. After this matter is done, the benefit is not just a company, but the entire super-hard material industry, and even can us The super-hard materials industry has taken a new height to promote better and faster development of our super-hard materials industry."


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