The gospel of the furniture industry is here! On the evening of November 21, the central bank released a message: Since November 22, the benchmark interest rates for financial institutions' RMB loans and deposits have been lowered. The one-year lending benchmark interest rate of financial institutions was lowered by 0.4 percentage points to 5.6%, which is undoubtedly a good news for the property market to pick up. The highly dependent relationship between the furniture industry and the property market determines the barometer function of the property market for furniture marketing.

Therefore, the positive property market is also good for furniture marketing. The property market policy, which has been introduced one after another, continues to release dividends. It is not only the “dongfeng” in the transformation and upgrading of furniture enterprises, but also a powerful driving force for the transformation and upgrading of furniture enterprises.

It is undeniable that as the wind vane of the development of the furniture industry, every dynamic of the property market has affected the nerves of furniture companies. In the midst of a downturn in the big environment, in addition to doing a good job of self-cultivation, many furniture businesses will pin their hopes on the recovery of real estate. According to industry insiders, the interest rate cut will have a greater impact on the real estate industry. The improvement in real estate expectations will improve the supply and demand of the furniture market to a certain extent, and will also have an indirect positive effect on the furniture industry. In addition, since the furniture industry is a capital-intensive industry, the interest rate cut will reduce the financial burden, and the reduction of financial expenses will increase the company's net profit to a certain extent.

From this point of view, the central bank's interest rate cuts have indeed brought certain positive effects on furniture companies. However, this does not mean that furniture companies can sit back and relax. In the current fierce competition in the furniture market, furniture companies should not rely too much on the external environment, and their future development depends more on their own strength.

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