Affected by the "Da Vinci Incident" last year, many consumers have already had a lot of doubts about the furniture products in the current home market, which has caused many consumers to question the furniture product specifications in the home market. At present, the national standard for "General Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture" (hereinafter referred to as "the National Standard for Wood Furniture") has been implemented for two and a half years.
Recently, Chen Baoguang, deputy chairman of the China Furniture Association and secretary general of the Solid Wood Furniture Committee of the China Furniture Association, revealed that this national standard faces some practical problems in practice and has reached the point where it can be revised.
Standard setting No enterprise participation This national standard was formulated in 2008 and implemented in May 2009. The controversy mainly comes from the definition of “solid wood furniture”, which defines “solid wood furniture” as “solid wood furniture”. The definition stipulates that according to the proportion and technology of solid wood materials, solid wood furniture can be divided into three categories: solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneer furniture. Before the introduction of the standard, solid wood furniture has always been a vague concept, and there is no normative definition.
"Literally, there is no problem, and in the actual implementation process, it has objectively hurt the healthy competition order of the industry and promoted an unsustainable consumption concept." An industry source told reporters that this From the formulation to the promulgation and implementation of a standard, it did not consult any enterprise, did not consider the specific circumstances of the sales market, and did not participate in the enterprise. It was a “closed door”.
Only material theory is easy to cause bad money to expel the good currency. At the beginning of the development of the national standard, it is considered that because of the market irregularity, more and more plate furniture is attached with a layer of "skin", and then declared that it is solid wood furniture, which caused a large number of Consumer disputes. In this sense, the development of national standards is necessary and urgent.
However, "this national standard is not comprehensive and perfect at the time of formulation. Instead, it gives many small enterprises without brand and strength an opportunity to enter the market." Some small enterprises that cannot even pass through the solid wood production technology, as long as they become "all in the raw materials." Solid wood, you can stand on the market and gain huge profits.
“The impact of the new solid wood standard already exists, and the 'non-solid wood' product has been misunderstood by consumers. A technical standard has caused the market to be chaotic, which is unexpected for everyone.”
Regarding the voice of the building materials market, the industry associations have indicated that they have reached the opportunity to be revised. Chen Baoguang also said that the establishment of solid wood standards without the participation of enterprises is indeed a pity. He revealed that the revision of this standard has been put on the agenda.
Chen Baoguang believes that the current chaos in the furniture industry is not entirely due to the introduction of standards, but is determined by many factors, including consumers blindly pursuing materials, and the industry lacks brand enterprises.

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