At present, children's home as a product with special attributes has become the focus of more and more parents. At the same time, the continuous release of formaldehyde in children's furniture exceeded the standard, the limit of harmful substances exceeded the standard, the warning signs were unqualified and structural safety hazards, so that consumers would question the environmental protection and safety of children's furniture.
Happy Station, Columbine and other children's furniture quality black list It is reported that the "Quality Supervision and Inspection Results of Children's Furniture Products" announced by the Shaanxi Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau shows that the appearance requirements, physical and chemical properties, structure and mechanics of children's furniture products. The performance stability test, mechanical strength, formaldehyde emission, warning signs and other items were tested. A total of 18 batches of samples from 17 companies were sampled, and 15 batches of qualified samples were tested and tested. The samples of unqualified batches involved in the release of formaldehyde and structural safety items of children's furniture products were not up to standard.
Among them, the "Happy Station" children's furniture produced by Foshan Nanhai Jinfiya Furniture Co., Ltd., the bedside table with the specification model HB9-302 is not qualified for the formaldehyde blackout. The Columbine children's furniture produced by Columbine Furniture (China) Co., Ltd., the bedside table of the model number CV7743N was classified as a substandard product due to unqualified safety structure (edge ​​and tip) items.
"Happy Station" unqualified furniture is still selling the problem on the board. Subsequently, China Quality Miles reporter visited a home store in Beijing, in the children's furniture area happy station sales staff said that the model is HB9-302 bedside table It belongs to the combination of wood and wood furniture, and is currently available for sale. However, the store does not have physical objects. Consumers who want to buy can place orders at any time.
Happy bedside tables are mostly made of wood and wood, that is, the frame and drawer are built in solid wood, and the artificial boards are used for the side panels, the bottom, the top, the shelf and the like. At present, most of the wood-based panels in China are bonded by using an adhesive such as urea-formaldehyde resin, and the urea-formaldehyde resin is a polycondensation polymer of urea and formaldehyde under the action of a basic catalyst such as NH4OH. Due to processing costs and technical limitations, the amount of formaldehyde released from wood-based panel furniture is usually higher.
Recently, China Quality Miles staff called Foshan Nanhai Jinfanya Furniture Co., Ltd., the company's Huaxi District Marketing Manager Zhang Yanan said that "unqualified products have been discontinued," because "the board has a problem" and called "plate It was supplied by the supplier. Due to the large supply of plates, the undetected batch entered the production workshop.” At the same time, he also said that “it is being rectified.”
“Happy Station” is a well-known children's furniture brand in China. Many parents think that the price of this brand's furniture is not low, but the quality of the furniture itself is not good.
The amount of formaldehyde released exceeded the standard children's furniture into a disaster-stricken area. Not long ago, in 2013, Guangdong Province's wooden furniture product quality provincial-level regular supervision and inspection, "growth fairy tale", "happy full house", "angel dream", "Yi Cai Jiaju" One of the reasons for the multi-brand children's furniture to be on the quality black list is because the amount of formaldehyde released exceeds the standard!
According to the requirements of the General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture and the Limitation of Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials, which was implemented in August 2012, the formaldehyde emission of wooden furniture in children's furniture should be ≤1.5mg/L. . Fang Chongrong, deputy director of the Forest Products Quality Inspection and Testing Center of the State Forestry Administration, said that the amount of formaldehyde released is related to whether the furniture is made of wood-based panels or solid wood, and is closely related to the manufacturer's production technology and processing technology. If the edge is not in place, formaldehyde will leak out of the gap; in order to reduce costs, some factories use less environmentally friendly glue, and the amount of formaldehyde released will be more.
Children are more vulnerable to indoor air pollution than adults. In recent years, cases of childhood morbidity caused by formaldehyde pollution in indoor furniture are also common. When the amount of formaldehyde emission exceeds the standard is no longer a single contingency problem, but has become the chief culprit in the field of children's furniture, children's furniture manufacturers have really considered this time.
In addition to the excessive release of formaldehyde, the structural safety and warning signs of children's furniture are also very important indicators, which cannot be ignored. The spot check showed that the structural safety (edge ​​and tip) of the Columbini children's furniture CV7743N bedside table was not in conformity with the national standards, and there were safety hazards that were judged to be unqualified products.
During the visit, China Quality Miles reporter saw a CV7743N bedside table that was unqualified by a Columbini store in Beijing. The bedside table was divided into upper and lower floors. The upper layer was rounded and the lower part of the drawer was four. The corners are sharp and angular, and no rounding is done. The casters are installed at the bottom, and there is a gap of about 10 cm between the cabinet and the ground. Children in play can easily get stuck or scratched once they put their hands in.
The structural safety specified in "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" is divided into edges and tips, protrusions, and mechanical properties. The “Edge and Tip” entry stipulates that “the product should not be dangerously sharp and sharp and sharp. The edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered. The contactable dangerous corners of the product below 1600mm from the ground should be rounded. And the radius of the rounding is not less than 10mm, or the length of the inverted arc is not less than 15mm."
In addition, "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" also stipulates that in addition to swivel chairs for children's furniture, products with casters should have at least 2 casters locked or at least 2 non-caster support legs. That is, it is forbidden to sell bedside tables that cannot lock the casters or without the casters. The reporter found that the children's bedside tables placed in the Columbini store, the bottom four movable casters, have neither locking function nor non-caster support feet.
The industry believes that there are security risks in the above situation of children's furniture. In view of the fact that children are a special group, children's furniture manufacturers should strictly follow the relevant national standards for production. The edges and tips, children's furniture, mechanical properties and warning signs of children's furniture products should not be ignored.

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