The finished furniture in the shopping mall does not meet the requirements of the home room. What should I do? In order to cater to the increasing consumer demand, many furniture manufacturers have tailored their products to consumers and customized furniture products that meet the individual needs of consumers. With the increasingly popular concept of custom furniture, the series of problems that arise behind it can not be underestimated, how should consumers rationally customize furniture?
Distress: Difficult to find suitable furniture owners Xiao Liu and Lao Yuan have been busy for their new home recently. When they turned to a number of furniture stores, they encountered the same troubles: no suitable furniture. Xiao Liu’s living room area is not too big. The finished furniture in the store is good-looking, but once placed in his own home, the space will be too cramped; and the old-fashioned Yuan Yuan has never looked after searching for the furniture store. Go to the "personality" mode that you like.
Compared with Xiao Liu and Lao Yuan, Xie Wenting, who has had experience in decoration, did not encounter these troubles. Although the house currently being renovated is a small apartment with a size of only 46 square meters, she told reporters that after the designer's “tailoring”, the “slimming” effect brought by the custom furniture made the original “narrow” small apartment. The space is more than enough, and the 46 square meters area is magically made into two bedrooms and one living room.
Trend: Welcome to the "customized era"
At present, the variety of furniture market is described as "small flowers and fascinating eyes". But even with so many types of furniture, it is still unable to meet the needs of consumers, so custom furniture has its place.
In the face of the popularity of custom furniture, the industry believes that Ou Wenqing believes that in recent years, the number of real estate units has emerged in an endless stream, and the decoration styles are diverse. The demand for consumer differentiation and individualization is also increasing. The original industrial mass production of furniture is no longer satisfactory. The actual needs of consumers, so that the custom furniture can be "adapted to local conditions" to play an advantage.
Zhang Hai, the person in charge of a brand closet Dongguan, also agreed, and he also expects the market for custom furniture to become wider and wider. According to Liang Yong, the general distributor of a brand sofa in Dongguan, the current custom furniture types are divided into classic suits, European and American styles, rural gardens, wrought iron and other series. The range of custom furniture is gradually expanded from the original cabinets and wardrobes. To the sofa, bed, bookcase, table and chairs, etc.

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