The annual double 11 has passed, and Tmall has achieved a total of “57.1 billion”. After listing in the US, Alibaba once again shocked the world. However, although the double 11 has passed, the sequela of the double 11 is slowly revealed, and consumer behaviors such as complaints, returns, and resales continue. Among them, the more expensive, bulky household products, whether it is returned or resold, it is very troublesome, which makes the "hands-on party" deeply experience the impulsive punishment.

It is worth noting that while the "hands-on party" accepted the double 11 sequelae, the double 11 winner Ma Yun also appeared to be unsafe. His official Weibo was occupied by consumers and became one of the main channels for double 11 complaints.

Let you feel the "heart plug" double 11 home trophy

Double 11 low-cost carnival, many friends who love family, especially housewives, have grabbed their favorite home trophies in e-commerce. However, after the double 11 was over, the "hands-on party" discovered a lot of problems that made his mood fall to freezing point. According to the investigation of the reporter, these double 11 problems that make consumers "heart plug" mainly include: sending the wrong goods, no invoices, damage, slow delivery, offline prices are cheaper than online prices.

Double 11 price is higher than the physical store price. Among so many double 11 product problems, the most consumers feel "heart plug" is that the double 11 price is even more expensive than the price of the physical store! Many consumers rush to shop on the double 11 in the e-commerce is to "cheap "But, how does this contrast allow consumers to accept it?"

Miss Liu broke the news that her mother bought a soymilk machine on an e-commerce platform during the double 11 period. Later, she found that the store in the RT-Mart was about 50 yuan cheaper, so their mood suddenly fell to the "freezing point."

Netizen Xiao Yang also said that when the end of the double 11 is heard, when the homepage is limited, the auction is held. I feel that the price of a brand of household appliances is not expensive, and the family is also in need, so I immediately bought the order. After the purchase, I am not at ease, so I consulted the industry insiders, I only know that the counter price is less than 100 yuan, and immediately applied for a return.

There are realistic deviations between online pictures and products. There are consumers who bought the double 11 products, "the goods are not right", and I feel that I am fooled. Xiao Ai Double 11 bought two pots. The tragedy is, "The soup pot is simply a pocket, the omelette pot is extremely big, and I find myself stupid enough to cry." However, she was troubled and didn't want to return. ”

The netizen "Black Cat Dolphin" purchased a brand of air purifier on an e-commerce platform. The logistics personnel did not issue an invoice at the time of delivery. The old man at the home signed the goods and did not inspect the goods. After the inspection of the "Black Cat Dolphin", it was found that the machine itself was dusty and the inner bag was dirty. After communicating with the after-sales service, you can return the goods, but you need to pay the return fee, and there is no invoice.

Ma Yun's Weibo into a consumer complaint platform

In the process of consumption, if there is a problem, the first time is to contact the store directly. However, there are also some "hands-on parties" who have encountered some obstacles in returning goods, which is very unpleasant with the store. After many complaints have no door, some consumers go directly to the store's official Weibo to "cry". And this open-style "crying" with exposure color is very effective, and "micro-customer service" will soon run out to respond to consumers and help deal with problems.

What is the official Weibo of the double 11 “hands-on party”? Yes, it is Ma Yun’s official Weibo. His Weibo is a platform for “losing women” during the double 11 period, and after the double 11 is over, The complaint platform. Many consumers directly complained to Ma Yun Weibo and asked Ma Yun to “take the lead” for themselves, including many consumers who bought home products.

The netizen "Mele Mountain Saves" sent the wrong goods and made a complaint to Ma Yun: "Tmall an electrical appliance flagship store sells three kinds of items, there is no wok for sale, but a person who buys electric baking pans has sent a Wok."

Some netizens complained to Ma Yun that the double 11 promotion was not implemented as expected. The netizen "folded people" said that he participated in a store's purchase of rice cookers in front of 500 half-price activities. Because the store's monthly sales record is less than 500, the netizen is sure that he can get a half price concession. However, the store has not announced the list of the top 500 buyers.

For a series of "micro-complaints" of the Handcuffs Party, "What is Ma Yun behind the man behind the defeated woman?" Is he going to handle so many complaints in person? At this time, "Micro-Customer Service" @淘宝客服淘小宝As a body, I replied to the complaint message on Ma Yun Weibo. For example, for the complaint of netizen "folding people", @淘宝客服淘小宝 replied: "Pro ~ Do you want to take a screenshot of your order number and the seller's commitment to the top 500 half-price commitments to Xiaobao?"

Double 11 home large kits filled with second-hand goods stores

There are a lot of "hands-on parties" with the excuse of "saving for the family", and impulsively snapped up many double 11 home products, but the courier arrived and got it, but for various reasons, I didn't want it. What to do with these unwanted double 11 home trophies? Of course, the first choice is that the return can be returned. However, some can not retreat, then can do it? Let go of it, let it moldy? According to the reporter's investigation, many people choose to resell in the second-hand market such as 58 city or Ali "small fish".

Mr. Qiao from Panyu has a low price of 11 and bought a storage cabinet with a price of thousands of yuan for 578 yuan. Now because I don't need this product to move, I want to sell it at a price of 475 yuan.

When Mr. Cai, a citizen of Guangzhou, was in the double 11 big carnival, he bought a 4.2KG mini washing machine worth more than 180 yuan. However, after receiving the goods, I found that the dehydration function of this product is not very good, and it is no different from the hand twist. In addition, he temporarily decided to move, so he sold it at a price of 90 yuan.

The home products resold by Mr. Qiao and Mr. Cai are relatively light, not a bulky small product, the freight is not very high, so when reselling, "free shipping" has not become the biggest problem. However, there are also some bulky household products, such as sofas and wardrobes. When reselling, “postage” or “no mailing” has become the most entangled problem for buyers and sellers.

Aqing, who lives in Chengdu, because the double 11 was too impulsive when buying, it was too crazy. When choosing "quantity", he accidentally chose "2". When he received the goods, he found that he bought a small wardrobe. In addition to using one at home, the other one can only retreat to others. But the problem is that she has sold it at a price lower than the purchase price, but the buyer who has the willingness to buy wants her to be able to 包邮, isn't it a big loss?

Ashan from Chengdu, Sichuan bought a set of sofas for 3,500 yuan at the time of the Double 11. She said that the sofa feels very warm, but it is much smaller than imagined, and it is too small to be placed in their 140 square home. So she resold the sofa at the 2650 price in the second-hand market. Although there are quite a few netizens who have the willingness to buy, but "not 包邮", the netizens are discouraged.

The editor has something to say: Advise one sentence, the next year's double 11 should remember the lesson, "hands-on" don't "squat" too fast, and finally only suffers himself, impulsive punishment is not so good! Recommended reading: double 11 myth : Ma Yun behind the defeated woman Guangdong woman in the first double eleven online shopping home products what problems make you most dissatisfied double eleven furniture e-commerce odd tricks out of the discount promotions to talk about the rules of the rivers and lakes 50% off you do not be fooled! Custom home "double ten A "Hou Gong fights to remember the home business collective to grab the beach double 11 剁 hand party must guard against the four major online shopping risks small fox personal verification double 11 part of the bathroom products prices do not fall anti-upgrade furniture "double 11" pre-heating which strong? Welcome to the Carnival Day

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