Editor's note: Have you ever made an online purchase? Perhaps the answer for most people is yes. With the popularity of e-commerce, more and more people have started “Taobao”, “eBay” and “pat”, and online shopping is becoming a new way of buying. Its advantages are obvious, you can buy most of the goods you want without leaving home. But the disadvantages are equally obvious, you can't see the real thing. The online shopping risk of furniture products is even greater, the difference between photos and physical colors is too large, the physical materials are not in line with the online description, the craft is completely inferior to imagination or in reality, and the goods are found to be damaged but not compensated, not delivered. A series of problems such as getting home and installing after-sales are gradually exposed. The reporter interviewed some netizens, consumers, and industry players on these issues to let them talk about the idea of ​​furniture online shopping.
Netizens and consumers have some people happy. In order to save time, Miss Xiao Xiao searched and bought a Korean-style garden dressing table stool on the Internet. Miss Xiao told reporters that the price is nearly 40% cheaper than similar products on the market. However, the merchant said that the furniture is going to take the logistics, and Miss Xiao has to go to the logistics company to pick up the goods. After Miss Xiao took the photo, she waited for about half a month (because the merchant told her that the production cycle of the furniture would be 10 days, and the goods would take 3 to 5 days on the road).
When Miss Xiao received the shipping notice, she drove for nearly an hour before finding the shipping yard in Tongdewei. The bill of lading is issued, but the furniture is wrapped in layers, and Miss Xiao has no ability to take the goods apart and check and pack them. Only the 50 yuan shipping receipt can be delivered. When I got home, the environmentally-friendly paint on the Internet was not the same as what she saw in the mall, and the corner of the dressing table was worn away. The vanity mirror was also cracked a little. After contacting the seller, the merchant admitted that it had already been online. Explicitly: Buyers should check carefully before receiving the goods. If there is any problem, the goods will not be received. If the goods are received, the goods are not damaged. In short, they can't be held accountable for logistics, so they can't provide a return service for Miss Xiao.
This situation is definitely not a case. The reporter contacted multiple users in an online shopping mall online shopping mall, they all claimed that online shopping has had similar experiences. Netizen kuangshao said that you should never choose a general furniture online store. He bought a four-door chest of drawers. After delivery, he found that the paint fell off, but he could not return it. And warned netizens, for durable goods such as furniture, do not buy online. However, you can choose the furniture company's own online store, first look at the style in the physical store, then go online to buy better, but the price will not be too low.
But netizen bibodangyang believes that the purpose of online shopping is to be cheap and convenient, if the price is not more than 30% cheaper than the offline store, there is no need to take this risk.
Mr. Liu, who lives in Wuchang District, has recently made a purchase of furniture online. He bought a 4-drawer rattan storage cabinet at home. This is the first time he bought furniture online.
Mr. Feng had long wanted to buy an environmentally friendly cabinet for the baby that was about to be born. After inquiring around, he heard that the rattan cabinets were more environmentally friendly. After visiting several household goods stores in Zhongshan, he found that there were few suitable styles and the price was too expensive. The price of a small cabinet was more than a few hundred yuan. In June, the weather started to get hot, and it rained heavily on weekends. He simply went home and bought it online.
He said that the online style is much richer than the home store, and the style is more trendy. What's even more fascinating is that the price on the Internet is at least half cheaper than the price tag in the home store. He bought an idyllic rattan storage cabinet on Taobao. It only cost 100 yuan, plus shipping and gifts, for a total of 120 yuan.
He spent more than an hour before and after, bought the cabinet; and also "saving the hard work of running outside in the summer, but also saved a lot of gas bills because he did not leave home."
Mr. Liu used to buy books, clothes and trinkets online. He told reporters that the procedures for buying furniture and purchasing other items are similar. He first searched for pictures on the website, and after selecting several styles and colors, he began to compare the creditworthiness, the number of pieces sold and the buyer's evaluation.
He is like this Taobao. First of all, if the credibility of the business is not high, it can basically be ruled out first. If the reputation is evaluated, it will not be considered. Secondly, the number of pieces sold in the same style can also determine whether the product is mature or not. He only chooses to sell more than 20 items in a short period of time. If there are already 20 people to buy, the supply of the goods is relatively stable. In addition, when you look at the evaluation, if everyone's comments are good, but two or more of them are not good, they will not be considered. After some selection, you can basically choose a more trustworthy business.
Buying furniture online, shipping costs are also a big expense, but he bargains with sellers to reduce expenses. The rattan cabinet he purchased was mailed in the province, but the buyer's shipping price was 35 yuan, accounting for 35% of the furniture price. Mr. Feng passed the price and finally let the buyer promise to drop to 120 yuan, and accompanied by some small pieces of decorations.
At the time of payment, Mr. Liu passed the cash on delivery method of Taobao Alipay and paid after the goods arrived for inspection. This is done to prevent the goods from being wrong. Alipay requires the buyer and the seller to confirm the transfer in order to transfer the money. If the goods are not correct, the buyer can not confirm it first, so that the buyer can make the payment after the replacement.
Although the first online shopping furniture has a good harvest, Mr. Feng said that he will not buy more than 1,000 yuan of furniture online. He told reporters that a few hundred yuan of furniture to see the picture purchase is acceptable, even if the quality is not as good as expected, it can be accepted. However, more than 1,000 yuan of furniture, in his opinion, is a large item, or you have to look at the quality in person to be assured, just look at the picture can not judge the quality, and in case of accidental collision, handling returns or replacement will be kind of hard.
In the short-term, people in the industry can't make big breakthroughs. “The current e-commerce has many complaints. Consumers are often at a disadvantage. It is difficult to defend their rights. It is more difficult to find a business to coordinate claims. In comparison, low-value, standardized product transactions are compared. Mature, like mobile phones, small household appliances. Products such as real estate, automobiles, and furniture, which are of high value and cannot be fully standardized, are difficult to make major breakthroughs for the time being.” Any of Jian’an, the complaints department of the Guangzhou Consumer Council, told reporters.
Netizen online shopping furniture encountered problems, "temporary no solution. Shopping on a professional online shopping platform such as Taobao, the possibility of being deceived is less, because if the goods are not right, you can refuse to pay, so you can only tell consumers to receive goods. Be careful before you check, after-sales service, don't count on it. If you go to the online shopping mall of the furniture company, the price will not be much surprise. So, at least for now, online shopping furniture, it just looks beautiful." already in Taobao Mite, the owner of the furniture sales for two years, said.
Internet survey users have different opinions. Many netizens around the company like online shopping, but for online shopping furniture, some netizens do not agree. The reporter interviewed several netizens who usually go shopping online. They all said that they would not consider buying furniture online for the time being. Only one netizen said that he is currently renovating and is considering buying furniture accessories online.
A Yiping often likes online shopping books and small ornaments, but she does not consider online shopping. "I am not too sure about online shopping. It is not expensive to buy some small items. But buying furniture is still better to see and feel. For example, if you buy a chair, at least you have to sit and feel comfortable."
A Qiang often buys some computer accessories online, but he never considers buying furniture online. "If you buy something online, you have to assemble it yourself. I don't know how to install it for furniture. It is better to buy it locally."
A Hui said that online purchase of furniture, although the price is cheap, but the freight is very expensive, a set of corner sofa, the freight will be several hundred dollars, with the person to go to the furniture store to buy, the price is similar. Moreover, once the home has a bump, it will cost a large return shipping replacement.
Netizen Xiao Yan said that the recent renovation, online shopping for household items and furniture, but only for lights, sofa beds and the like, as for large pieces of furniture, or will be purchased locally.
What are the problems with online shopping furniture?
What should I do when I buy furniture online? The reporter collected opinions from some netizens on the Internet and shared them with you.
1. Collect as many stores as possible, compare the reputation of the store, the customer's purchase record and evaluation. In the customer evaluation and communication with the store, judge the professional level and service level of the store. If you can look at the furniture in the store first, then buy it online and better.
2. Carefully observe the pictures of furniture on the Internet. Search for pictures of the same product in different stores on the Internet, and judge the shop home network map or use original pictures. It is better to use the original picture, the more detailed and clear the picture of the reaction product details, the more detailed the product introduction is. If there is a watermark on the picture, the unique watermark name is consistent with the name of the store, and the credibility is higher.

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