Some people say that the price war is "the simplest and most unproductive way of competition", which may only lead to the killing of wooden door enterprises and the loss of both sides. Although the price war is not good, however, in the wood door industry, in addition to the test of cost and sales, there is still helplessness in survival.

Cost increase, business survival is difficult

Is a piece of wood more expensive than gold? Many netizens said that they could not understand, but if there is a person in the wood door industry who knows about it, it will definitely be strange. For the wood door industry, the price of wood has become "numb", especially in the second half of 2013, the sound of the price of raw wood has never stopped. The price hike was the second time that the price of raw materials rose after March and April 2013. Many industry insiders said that rising raw material costs have made the pressure on the shoulders of wooden doors more and more heavy, some small and medium Wooden door companies can only accept the fate of being gradually eliminated.

Enterprises attract dealers at price

Enterprises in the production process have taken the practice of cutting corners, and this situation is not a minority, many companies have adopted this method to cut costs, of course, this can not completely blame them, can only say that the current market conditions force companies to do so do. A wooden door enterprise marketing manager said that at present, small and medium-sized enterprises are really difficult to survive. Originally, enterprises still have certain advantages in the market, but in the end they have lost their advantages, so that enterprises now do not know how to be good. They can only use low prices to attract merchants, otherwise there are so many production companies available for merchants to choose, then the merchants will not choose the price is too high.

Enterprises attract consumers with cost performance

In the market competition, companies are desperately trying to cut prices. This is not to say that they are born to like price wars, but to face the choice of consumers, they have to do it. Consumers have a consistent behavior: the lower the bid for a given product or service quality, the more consumers will buy the account. Under this unwavering preference, consumers tend to buy the same thing at the lowest price, or buy something better at the same price. No matter what kind of competition (such as brand competition and quality competition) is carried out by the wooden door enterprises, it will eventually fall on the price competition. Therefore, under the constraints of the limited financial resources of consumers, if they want to let them buy their own pockets, companies must please consumers in the conversion of "cost-effective".

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