A lot of friends in Chengdu consulted me: Chengdu cabinets are Chengdu's own local brand? Xiao Bian tells netizens: In fact, most of the top ten brands in Chengdu cabinets are still foreign brands. Today, Xiao Bian has come to understand the top ten brands of Chengdu cabinets .

Chengdu cabinet top ten brands - Piano

In 2002, Piano marched into China, bringing China a "taste kitchen" style cabinet. Based on China's traditional style, Piano relies on independent research and development of original designs. It has risked a variety of classic products for consumers, and has become Asia's leading cabinet manufacturing base.

Ten brands of Chengdu cabinets

My music is a Sino-US joint venture established in 2005. The company's late start, the starting point is very high, the development speed is extremely fast, has made the leading position in the industry within a few years time. The company adopts German technology to create rigorous and meticulous products, and good usability is an important reason for the popularity of products.

The top ten brands of Chengdu cabinets

Founded in 1994, the company is a large-scale professional kitchen cabinet company integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service. The company is committed to the spread of traditional Chinese furniture culture, and strive to use the world's most cutting-edge technology to provide consumers with the latest technology of intelligent cabinet products.

Chengdu cabinet top ten brands Han Li

Han Li cabinets are based on Korean craftsmanship and design inspiration. They combine the cultural style of China's natives with the design of a kitchen cabinet with a combination of Chinese and Korean products. Han Li's personalized service, exquisite products, and personalized DIY design are rapidly applied. Gathered a large number of loyal customers. Han Li upholds the consumer's new goal of improving the overall quality of life with a smaller pay.

Chengdu cabinet top ten brands Mei Jia

The company was established in Hefei, Anhui in 2001 and is one of China's top ten cabinet brands. A major feature of the company is to provide a variety of customized cabinet products for customers with different identities, which is consistent with the younger generation's pursuit of freedom and independence.

Chengdu cabinet top ten brands Yalijia

The company's products are positioned in the mid-to-high end market. No one design incorporates Eastern traditions and Western cultures, allowing you to appreciate the cultural collision and integration of various Chinese and Western styles in the cabinet.

Chengdu cabinet top ten brands Korani

The company's brand was founded in 1952. The company is a multinational corporation, advocating the idea of ​​global procurement of global design, adopting Germany's advanced technology and manufacturing superior cabinet products.

Chengdu cabinet top ten brands Oriental State too

The company was founded in 2003 in Nanjing, the company introduced German technology, with an annual output of 50000 sets of cabinets, established 500 franchised stores nationwide, is one of the top ten brands in China's kitchen cabinet industry.

Chengdu cabinet top ten brands Oupai

Europa first introduced the concept of the whole cabinet into China and became the leader of the industry. It has always insisted on innovation and development to provide high-end quality of life for the majority of families to enjoy, and made outstanding contributions to China's cabinet development.

Chengdu cabinet top ten brands gold cabinets

Gold kitchen cabinet products are mainly concentrated in the mid-to-high end market. The company cooperates with the Academy of Sciences and universities to continuously research and develop the latest technology in the cabinet industry and strive to occupy a dominant position in the international cabinet market.

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