At present, there are two major types of water purifiers on the market. One is a water purifier (commonly known as pure water machine) that uses reverse osmosis (RO) technology. It has high filtration precision and can remove most impurities and harmful chemical components in water. The other type is a water purifier (commonly known as water purifier) ​​that uses activated carbon, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, etc., to remove impurities, bacteria, colloids, organic macromolecules and other substances in the water.

A few days ago, the Shenzhen Consumer Council selected two types and 10 brands of water purifiers for comparative testing. The test shows that the water quality of the 10 water purifiers after the initial use and continuous use for a period of time all meet the requirements of national standards.

For many propaganda that water purifiers can be directly consumed, consumers should look at it rationally. The comparative test found that among the 10 water purifier samples, the total number of colonies in the 8 water purifiers effluent was higher than that of the tap water. Therefore, consumers are advised to use the water purifier to boil and drink as much as possible to reduce the risk of drinking, especially for children and the elderly with relatively low immunity.

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Label: Do not drink directly from purified water

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Pneumatic Ball Valve is operated by pneumatic actuator, the actuator have two types, single acting type and spring return type. According to different working condition, the valve can be made by material PVDF, CPVC, PVC, PP, PPH, lined PTFE, connection by flange and socket welding, as per standard DIN, ANSI, BS, size from 1/2" to 12". pressure rate by PN10, PN16, 150LB.

Ningbo RMI Plastic Co.,Ltd offer Electric Ball Valve with specification:                                                       

Size:DN15~DN300 (1/2 inch ~ 12 inch)
Connection: Flange DIN PN10, ANSI CL150, JIS10K; socket DIN, ANSI, JIS, CNS, BS; Thread BSPT, NPT.
Body Material: PVDF,PVC,CPVC,PP,PPH,PTFE lined WCB
Seal material: EPDM;FPM;FKM;VITON
Seat Material: PTFE
Design pressure:1.0Mpa(PN10 bar)                                                                                                               

Type:Spring return, double acting
Air supply:4~6bar

Pneumatic Ball Valve

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