The LUGB vortex flowmeter is an excellent flow measurement instrument with high accuracy and low pressure loss. The gas liquid vapor can be measured with it. In front of you to introduce some of the technical parameters of the vortex flowmeter, this article focuses on explaining the installation of it.

Many people often do not follow the steps carefully to carry out construction when installing. In fact, this is quite wrong. The more sophisticated the instrument installation process is, the more complex it is. Whether the vortex flowmeter can operate normally and stably depends on the installation process. If it is improperly installed, it will affect the measurement accuracy of vortex flowmeters, and even more serious may affect the life of the instrument, and may even cause damage to the instrument.

First, LUGB vortex flowmeter installation environment 1, in the installation process, to try to avoid the meeting of the generation of strong magnetic field equipment and high-frequency equipment, because these will affect the measurement accuracy of vortex flowmeter.

2. Avoid high-temperature heat sources and radiation sources, or provide vortex flowmeter with heat insulation and ventilation, because long-term work in high temperature and high radiation environment will directly affect the life of the instrument.

3, away from high humidity or corrosive environment, or for instrument ventilation, moisture and corrosive gases in high humidity environment will have an impact on the service life of vortex flowmeter.

4, can be installed indoors to be installed indoors, must be placed in the outdoors, please be sure to pay attention to the instrument to prevent shower sunscreen. The electrical interface must be well waterproofed to avoid water in the instrument and damage the instrument circuitry.

5. Do not install the instrument on a pipe with strong vibration, or add a solid pipe device and equipped with anti-vibration pads (upstream and downstream 2D) to increase the anti-vibration effect.

6, to maintain ample space for the vortex flowmeter installation point for future maintenance work.

Second, LUGB vortex flowmeter installation conditions

1. The vortex flowmeter has certain requirements for the upstream and downstream straight pipe sections of the installation point, because the fluency of the medium in the pipe will affect the measurement accuracy of the instrument.

2. Keep the sensor horizontally or vertically when installing, and the nominal diameter of the pipe should correspond to the vortex flowmeter.

3. Do not set the flow control valve in the upstream pipe. This will affect the fluency of the medium in the pipe.

4. In some special installation environments, the upstream straight pipe section may not meet the installation requirements. At this time, it may be considered to install a fluid rectifier in the upstream pipeline.

5. When certain pipes need to be reduced in diameter, the lengths of the straight pipe and the gradient pipe are guaranteed.

6, vortex flowmeter must be reliably grounded when installing, and the grounding resistance should be ≤ 10Ω

In the actual installation process, there are some special cases, such as the presence of bubbles in the liquid to be measured or the presence of accumulated water in the pipeline of the gas being measured. At this point we must appropriately change the installation pipeline to deal with these special circumstances.

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