With the rapid development of China's economy, China's vacuum pump industry has also maintained a rapid growth momentum and achieved sustained and steady development. At the same time of its rapid development, vacuum pump companies and users are constantly exploring how to promote the efficient operation of vacuum pumps, that is, what factors affect the efficiency of vacuum pumps? Let's take a look at them.

Factors affecting:

1, steam pressure

The low steam pressure and pressure fluctuation have a great influence on the capacity of the vacuum pump. Therefore, the steam pressure should not be lower than the required working pressure, but the vacuum pump structure design has been fixed, and excessively increasing the steam pressure does not increase the pumping capacity and vacuum. degree. In addition, to ensure that the steam pressure supplied by the boiler is stable, it is best to use a boiler to supply working steam to the steam jet pump so that the steam pressure does not fluctuate and the performance of the vacuum pump is stable.

2, circulating cooling water

If the cooling water supply is insufficient, the condenser will generate heat, the airflow sound will become louder, the vacuum will drop rapidly, and even the steam will return to the exhaust pipe. The condensed water plays a decisive role in the multi-stage vacuum pump. The condensed water can condense the steam abundantly. The partial pressure of the water vapor in the vacuum pump discharge pressure must be higher than the corresponding full steam pressure, so the temperature of the condensed water is also lower than The full temperature under this pressure can ensure the normal operation of the pump body.

3, nozzle

The nozzle is an important component that affects the performance of the vacuum pump. The problems are: nozzle misassembly, mounting, clogging, damage, corrosion and leakage. No matter what precautions are taken, nozzle clogging is inevitable. On the one hand, due to the installation of the steam pipe, the residual iron chips and welding slag in the pipe will block the nozzle; on the other hand, when the vacuum pump system is deactivated, the steam pipe is apt to rust, and the rust spot drops and blocks the nozzle during use.

4, the use of the environment

The environmental impact mainly refers to the pollution of the system by the pumping gas. During the steel liquid disposal process, the molten steel will release a lot of gas, and at the same time, some small particles such as fine oxidized powder will be sucked into the vacuum pump, and these small particles will accumulate. Adhering to the pump body reduces the pumping of the pumping line, prolongs the pumping time and reduces the pumping function of the pump.

Through the introduction, we can initially understand what factors affect the working efficiency of the vacuum pump. In our future use, avoid these misunderstandings in order to better use the vacuum pump.

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