Xiao Bian thinks that the decoration is plainly an art of spending money. A three-bedroom, two-bedroom house has cost half a million people and the decoration has not been satisfactory. Someone spent 300,000, but it is both beautiful and practical. Of course, there must be a reference standard for all things. How much is the decoration for three rooms and two rooms ? You can't close your eyes and cry out the price. Xiao Bian takes you to see how the general decoration company in the market is quoted.

How much is the decoration of three rooms and two rooms? First of all, we must understand the size of the three-bedroom and two-room house. Generally speaking, the three-bedroom and two-room units are suitable for 3-5 people. The area is between 120-140 square meters.

How to decorate the three rooms and two halls, decoration part

Decoration of 150,000 yuan: floor tiles with common floor tiles or low-grade laminate flooring, latex paint on walls and tops, low-grade wall tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, PVC ceilings, simple doors and windows, and toilets Install toilets and showers, kitchen with sinks, no design, this level of decoration to meet the most basic requirements of the decoration should be achieved, but the general renovation.


The 2.1 million yuan renovation: This file is a mid-range decoration. The floor is usually paved with wooden floors or floor tiles within 150 yuan/m2, partially suspended styling tops, ceilings for kitchen and bathroom aluminium buckles, branded latex paint for walls and ceilings, ordinary bathroom and kitchen accessories, and materials in turn in one grade, the entire decoration Available brand decoration materials, need professional design, good technology, function and beauty are all on a grade.


3.15 million yuan renovation: This file is a high-end decoration, the ground can be 200 yuan / m2 solid wood flooring or floor tiles, the main material available brand-name products, not only fully functional, fine craftsmanship, more prominent master's taste, decorative comfort, elegant, perfect , achieve the ideal effect to the owner.


How much is the decoration of three rooms and two rooms, furniture part:

130000 yuan of furniture: can be equipped with furniture, kitchens, toilets can be used as a general cabinet and man-made three stone countertops, full-featured, material modeling, the general level of technology, a few of the finishing touches of some of the higher prices of materials, so that both affordable and not Loss of style.


250,000 yuan of furniture: This file is a high-end decoration, the use of branded materials, organic shapes and decorations, the craft is very elegant. After purchasing furniture and sofas in the furniture market, you can stay.

The above is an introduction to how much money the three- room and two-room are refurbished . I hope to help you. If you want to know more about how much money is spent on the three-room and two-room renovation , please pay attention to this website's information channel.

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